08 April 2014

HSFN/Sew For Victory: 1942 Cycling Blouse

As usual, I have a project doing double-duty for challenges. They never let me do that in girl scouts to get extra badges, so I guess I'm doing it now just because I can get away with it!
And I got a new haircut. Well, actually, I just chopped my own ponytail off after watching Great Gatsby. Does anyone else get overly inspired by period films? Don't judge yet, this was a bad hair day and I wasn't expecting to have time for photos.

 Source: Vintage Pattern Wiki
Pattern: Hollywood 903 (1942)
Challenge: HSFN 2014 "Bodice Challenge" and Sew For Victory!
Rating: 2/5
Fabric, etc.: 1 yard cotton shirting leftover in stash
Cost: $0
Time: About 5 hours
Notes: This was really done as a wearable muslin since the pattern is a size too big, but if I don't love it I won't mind it getting sweaty while I bicycle, right? My plan is to do the culottes for the "Outdoors" HSFN challenge late in summer.

The instructions for the front placket are skimpy and unclear so I ended up with a lot of raw edges showing inside, which I'm guessing means I did it wrong. It was very fiddly to even get in and I had to re-do it a few times.
I serged this inside, so no points there for historical accuracy. I eliminated all darts from the pattern, meant to keep it more easily tucked in. More importantly, I just didn't feel like dealing with closures. The sleeves were more difficult than usual to ease in.
My final consensus is that I won't be making a better one. It would require quite a bit of fitting, especially in the sleeve and armscye area, which isn't worth a style that I'm not so fond of. It is too much like a polo in its closed-neck state for my taste and the four layers of fabric in the placket right on top of your chest is very warm. I might cuff the sleeves. Really, I just want to get on making Simplicity 1554, which is much more my style. Sadly I'm missing pieces D, F, G and E so if anyone has it in size 16 and wants to trace me off some pieces, I'd be so grateful!

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  1. I like your new 'do!! It's a good length on you. And the shirt is cute. Now for some bike-riding weather....


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