28 March 2014

Sew Sexy Sew-Along: Whos In and Are You Sewing Yet?

I realize I never posted a list of Who's In on the Sew Sexy SA. I've compiled this from various sources: comments in our blog posts, twitter, the flickr group. I know some of them were tentative "yes"s so if you've since changed your mind, make sure to let me know! And if you are still in, this is a reminder to get those photos on Flickr!

My cohosts, Clio and Wanett, of course...
Beau Baby 
House of Pinheiro
By Daiyami
Another Sewing Scientist
Mother of Reinvention
Sew Busy Lizzy
Sewin' in the Rain
The Amazing Taracat
Workroom Social
Ginger Makes
Tanja Haack
Sara Mayo
Bold Goods
Frau Fleur
Lilacs and Lavender
The Telltale Tasha
Craft Sanctuary
Miranda Caliente
Sew Classic
Sew Smitten
Shawnta Sews
Sharon Sews
The Slow Steady
My Sewing Suite 
Meg the Grand
The Nerdy Seamstress
Whipped Life

Also, I don't have everyone's proper blog address, so some of these link to flickr or twitter accounts. Let me know if I should correct this and how.


  1. I'm in! Almost done with my skirt, too. :)

  2. I'm in with my double byhandlondon Georgia a flora

  3. Hi - thanks for including me. I'm Sara Mayo (blogless) and my Flickr account is Sara Jazz. So you can delete Sara Jazz from your list, please.

  4. Alas, I am way too old and my daughter is way to young, to be sewing sexy. Sigh. But I'm sure we'll see some titillating work.

  5. Yay! So many sewists! I am finally back from travel and about to start work on my dress!

  6. I've known WHAT I'm making for weeks now.... I just have to, ya know, MAKE IT lool

  7. DO I have more time to make another contribution?

  8. I'm in! Made two! Tempted to make another ... when is the finish date?

  9. I'm totally in! Added mine to the flickr group but you can also find my post here http://seamstresserin.com/pink-green-floral-sexy-ceylon/


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