31 January 2013

January No-New New-Year Summary

January was quite a productive month..."Chad Deity" opened which meant my sewing for that had to be finished, but also that after I had quite a bit of time to sew for myself. I wasn't as good about not buying things as I had hoped, nor my stash-busting. There's always next month!

 Here's the tally:

MADE: 8.5 garments (2 garments/wk) and 2/6 personal projects were stashbusters (33%)
1 lucha mask
1 1913 "Downton" apron
1 Lola
1 pair boxers
1 pair gold shorts + "flag" pair that got destroyed (more on that later)
1 obi belt (yet to be blogged)
50% completed regency stays 
1 pair gold leggings (yet to be blogged)

PURCHASED: 2 shoes, 2/7 garments were on my no-buy list, 3 pieces of fabric
2 yards fleece fabric
1.25 yards gold spandex
 1 yd. metallic knit
1 pair jellies
1 bridesmaid dress - in my defense, I couldn't avoid this one and I wasn't going to sew 5 bridesmaid dresses.
1 pair nude flats (for bridesmaid outfit)
1 bra
4 pairs underwear
1 pair tap shorts - they were on super sale and go with bra/underwear set I already own so I made an exception
4 patterns and replaced one so that I now own the correct size.

3 years worth of vogue magazines
1 sewing machine
1 bag of clothes
17 patterns

A bag of fabric and patterns from my aunt. I didn't keep any patterns and the fabric went in my "probationary" fabric bin.

29 January 2013

More Patterns Up For Grabs!!!

Hello all, I've added many new patterns to my Pinterest board of patterns I am trying to get rid of. Make me an offer! Plus if you're going to the NYC meet-up with Lladybird in March I'd be more than happy to bring them then to save you on shipping.

28 January 2013

HSFN #2: Regency Stays WIP

The second Historical Sew Fortnightly challenge was to finish a UFO. The closest I had was this pattern:
I'd completed the chemise for this pattern in the fall, after owning the set of S&S Regency patterns for nearly a year or so. So now it was on to the short stays, something I've been greatly fearing since I've never made anything in the corset category ever. I'm waiting to make the chemisettes because I want them to complement the dress which has yet to exist.
Pattern: Regency Underthings: Short Stays by S&S Patterns
Fabric: Cotton duck leftover from the Mrs. Patmore apron
Time: Many!
Notes: Since I have two more weeks to complete these, this is still a WIP. I've finished the interlining, made from the duck (see photos) and started the lining, from cotton muslin and outer fabric, a printed quilter's cotton, all of which came from my stash. 
Fitting was hard, because I was trying to do it on myself and there is supposed to be a gap in the front of 1-2" which is where the lacing is. However the lacing doesn't come until later so it was really impossible to guess how to fit it. I took in some in the back and some width from the side seams as well. We'll see!
These are only time consuming because the gussets should be hand-stitched in. After doing one hand-stitched (left side) and one machine-stitched (right side) I agree with this. Unless you're a terrible hand sewer it gives you a lot more control over something with a very tiny seam allowance and awkward corners.

25 January 2013

Biker Babe Boxers: Another Simplicity 9958

Are you tired of them yet? I am. This is my 8th pair in two months and I only get a break until Fathers' Day. Life's unfair, especially when you haven't sewn one of these in a week or so and then have to actually read the directions for how to sew that darned fly front.
 Fabric: Alexander Henry's "Hot Wheels"...around $9/yd.

22 January 2013

The Lola Has Landed

 So I've made something that:
A) Looks like I work at a Teletubby theme park.
B) Is sort of like a trendy Snuggie.
C) Is the full body version of the Slipper Genie. Invite me to sit down for tea and your couch will be magically lint and pet-hair free when I leave!
But I don't care because it's warm and cute and a dress. Very important things when the thermometer isn't going to go above freezing all week! Also it is in my favorite shades of blue.
Pattern: Lola by Victory Patterns
Rating: 5/5!
Fabric: Anti-pill blizzard fleece from Jo-Ann, 2 yds.
Cost: $11
Time: Approx. 4 hours (including printing and assembling pattern)
Notes: I finally re-evaluated my measurements and I've been way off for awhile. I'm down to B36 W29 H36. Hopefully zumba class will nip my waist into proportion, according to most of the newer independent pattern companies' size charts, my bust/waist are about a size 8 and my hips are about a size 4 or 6. In one I was a 2! Definitely an apple body type. 
So for Lola I cut a size 4, based off the finished measurements because I didn't want it too baggy. It's only a little snug on my tummy (see below) and the armbands, but that's life.
I made it out of polar fleece because the only "sweatshirt" fabric they had at JoAnn had NO stretch! I figured it would be my test version to see if I liked it before I spent a fortune on sweatshirt fabric online. I only had to make the armbands an inch longer to accommodate the sleeve.

21 January 2013

Train Of Thought Sewing: Lola

3:00 PM  - Begin assembling paper print-out pattern piece with a cup of Earl Grey at my side.

3:03 - Decide music will improve sewing experience. Turn on bad dance jams courtesy HitKast@accuradio.com.

3:10 - Go test Little Red's new catalytic converter that my poor daddy spent a day and a half putting on.

3:22 - Realize I should tweet this on my new Twitter account. Spend several minutes trying to figure out the technicalities of tagging? @ing? Victory Patterns.

3:26 - Realize I also need to tell my associate in fashion and crime, Anna, about the sewing meetup in NYC Lladybird is planning. 

3:36 - Take Little Red for a test drive to double check placement of catalytic converter. It was too tight before and it sounded like I was driving a hot rod. So of course I was inspired to drive as though I were driving a hot rod, which is never smart. But the vibrations meant I now had a massage seat!

3:45 - Resume pattern assembly and zen contemplation of sewing.

4:16 - Cheez-it break and goodbyes to my sister (her college winter break is over).

4:20 - Dance break because Gangnam Style has come on and I've run out of tape. Find another roll leftover from Christmas with barely enough to finish.

4:24 - Assembly completed, time to CUT THAT FABRIC. And people wonder why it takes me so long to sew anything. Geez.

18 January 2013

Tacky, Glamorous and Sparkly Wrestling Costumes Revealed!

It was a bit crazy to get all these costumes done, but we were able to do the photo shoot last night for "The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity". Click here to see the original costume renderings.

17 January 2013

Giveaway Winner

We went from 4 entries to a whopping 23 entries! If I could afford to give away patterns to everyone that entered I would, but alas! Anyways, the winner is...
Sarah of Sarah Jane Sews! She chose McCall's 2806, one of my all time favorites because to me the cover looks a lot like something out of a Nancy Drew novel. The man gripping Nancy's arm is clearly a bad guy. It's even got foolish Bess in the background wearing view A to look slimmer and taller haha!
Remember that if you're still interested, all those patterns have to go! Even if you can just cover shipping costs I am more than happy to get some patterns out of my stash and into yours. Email me!

15 January 2013

Giveaway Amendments: Now Open to International Readers and More Patterns!

My original Giveaway Post only garnered 4 entries. Lame! So I am, on this last day before the giveaway, making ALL the patterns on my pinterest board open to the giveaway! I've already sold 3 (they've been removed from the board) and someone over at Sown Brooklyn has her eye on Simplicity 4110 so that's out of the running for the moment.

But everything else from the original giveaway post and the pinterest board is open. You may re-evaluate your choice of pattern even, for those of you that have already entered.
1. Leave a comment telling me which pattern you would want. Make sure to leave an email address as well or at least link to your blog and have an address easily accessible there.
2. Entries must be in by midnight tomorrow night, EST.
3. I am now also opening this to international readers (After having researched shipping costs)! Huzzah!
4. After the winner is selected all the patterns will be available yet again for sale. Email me if you're interested!

I have patterns from the thrifty '40s...

Several plus size-half size patterns from the glamorous '50s...

Some swanky '60s patterns...

Groovy '70s patterns...

Even a few from the '90s and '00s!

And of course, some special patterns for the menfolk as well!

14 January 2013

HSFN #1: Mrs. Patmore's Apron

Downton's Mrs. Patmore...
My own Mrs. Patmore, Emily...(who by the way, bought her wedding dress yesterday! Huzzah!)
Fabric: 100% cotton canvas from the Bargain Loft at Lorraine Fabrics in Pawtucket, RI Pattern: Butterick 5509 (View B/E) from stash  
Total cost: 3 yds. x $1.99/yd. = $6
Year: The pattern is a "Making History" pattern, I intended it to be 1913.
Notions: None.
Hours to complete: 4 for the apron, 1 for embroidery
How historically accurate is it? Apart from the pleats in the bib and the foldover I feel like I pretty much re-created Mrs. Patmore's apron. And since I trust BBC costume designers and Julian Fellowes is positively OCD about the accuracy of Downton Abbey I'm going to guess the style of mine is fairly accurate. Not sure about the fabric.
I did however, notice that in the photos of her online she also has an apron with a more rounded neckline which might have been from an earlier season. Maybe that would have been more accurate for 1913?
Notes: I made this as a gift for one of my best friends who hosts Downton Abbey-watching parties. She lays out a full high tea and since she's been so generous I wanted to show my appreciation. The only thing I question is my fabric. Muslin seemed too thin but the next thickest thing I found that seemed good for an apron was canvas. Somewhere I read that ticking was a popular apron fabric but I think that was the 18th C. Any ideas you guys?
Alterations: I made the top right view minus the back skirt panels and plus the back straps from view E, which came out too close together. Since it needed to be plus size and this pattern only goes up to a Large, some re-drafting was in order and that mixed everything up. An error I made meant the bib was too tall, hence the foldover. I left out interfacing because my fabric was so thick and it was fine.
 Pattern Rating: 3/5 Overall it was a good pattern and really simple to put together. I really disliked that the pattern only went up to a size large. Out of all the historical patterns that they don't offer as plus size, this shouldn't be one of them. It would be so easy to offer it in bigger sizes and an apron is something many historical costumers and re-enactors use! BAH. My only other annoyance was how the tie ends attach to the waistband. It looks terrible and I will do it differently next time.
 I even embroidered her name on the back of the bib. That took an extra hour in itself but it was worth it! My embroidery is improving a lot! And I'm eager to make one for myself for my regency costume.

12 January 2013

Come And Get 'Em: Patterns and Costume Updates

Don't forget to enter the giveaway!

This is the thawb to go with the turban I made for "The Fundamentalist" in "Chad Deity". I'm covering it in "arabic" writing. So many Bones episodes watched, 3 jumbo sharpies have already bit the dust and I've only got one side done! I'm not complaining, however, it's been a nice break from very complicated Luchador Mask sewing (more about that later this week). But I thought I'd take a moment from my seriously stinky sharpie project to tell you all about how to get some patterns on the cheap.
Two months without work, some unexpected doctor's bills and a desire not to end up on Hoarders is leading me to really purge my vintage pattern and clothing collection, as well as my fabric, button and trims stash. I didn't really feel like bothering to list them on Etsy and Ebay, so I put them all up on my Pinterest board "Patterns to Get Rid Of" (their actual sizes are written in the description). Quite a few are plus size.
 So if you are interested in one of these patterns, let me know by emailing me...make me an offer that includes shipping (about $2.50 in the states). I will then put it up as a reserved listing on Etsy for you or we can work out just a Paypal transaction if you're a blogger I know well enough. I still have more to put up (mostly my half-size patterns) so keep checking in.
I will also consider trades of several of my patterns for one of your patterns (to keep the illusion that I am actually getting rid of things). I'm a B36 or 35 and a W28.

 I got a really nice break from sewing costumes today, as the boyfriend and Paisley visited Rhode Island. We took her to the beach since she'd never seen the ocean before and she ate up a poor little crab I fished out from under a rock! She eats spiders on command so I can only assume she thought that's what it was. We also bought Rhode Island clam chowder and syrup for coffee milk, the official state drink, so it was a very Rhode Islandey time.

09 January 2013

Movin' Out Giveaway

Simplicity 9800 B32.5
 Images from Vintage Pattern Wiki
While I will be selling some of my patterns I would also like to give a little kindness back to the sewing blogosphere and do some giveaways as well. After all, many of my patterns were given to me so it is only fair. In honor of the fact that I will be moving back to company housing at the beginning of February I'm doing the "Movin' Out Giveaway!"
Butterick 6995 B40, W34
 I tried to choose a range of sizes so everyone would have a chance at winning something they could use. To enter, leave a comment telling me which pattern you would want. Make sure to leave an email address as well or at least link to your blog and have an address easily accessible there. It is easier for me to choose another winner than go searching for an email. 
Vogue 3012 W30, H40
Unfortunately I can only offer this to US sewists, shipping internationally has gotten rather expensive.
Simplicity 2223 Sz 6-14 (Uncut)
Also, I haven't checked for completeness since I only buy complete patterns. I'm sure a few oddballs have sneaked in in my freebies, so if you get one of those we'll work something out.
And LASTLY, if you didn't win and your pattern didn't get given away feel free to make me an offer because I'm selling the rest anyways.
Simplicity 8318 Sz Medium 38-40
The winner will be chosen at random on January 16th, so you must leave a comment before midnight Eastern Time. Keep your eyes peeled, I'm going to try to do these every month!

06 January 2013

To Make Or Not Make Underthings, That Is The Question

So I'm getting zealous now and have also signed up for The Seamless Pledge because it goes along with my No-New New Year pledge.

For 2013, I will buy no new-to-me clothing except bras and socks. And hopefully I won't even have to buy any because I have tons of those. If I really have to, I'd eventually like to have a go at sewing a bra. I've seen so many successful bra projects (like the one below made by Sarai, posted on The Coletterie). 
I've made socks before and really don't care to "have to" make socks. It took me 8 months just to make this one pair and they're not very effective, as they're quite holey. I'd rather buy handmade or at least socks hand-machined in the USA.
As far as underwear...I saw this post on SewRetro about making underwear and immediately bought the pattern (at the end of 2012, mind you) because how cute are they!? I own most of the other Sew Lovely lingerie patterns but have never made any because I'm not exactly enthralled by the idea of a "panty-girdle". These look surprisingly modern and sound super-simple. It's just a matter of me sourcing appropriate fabrics and trims.
I'm also eager to have a go at the free tutorial on how to make 1930s circular knickers over at Sew Vera Venus. She sells the matching early 1940s bra pattern as well, which is charming. The knickers could easily work into the Sew Historical Fortnightly Underthings challenge, since I have nothing planned for it yet.
And if I was truly ambitious I would knock out a pair of seamed thigh highs from Vivian Von Dimples tutorial to match the knickers. Now all I need is to fix my garter belt-whoever thought that a tied silky bow is a good closure for a garter belt is nuts.
Have you ever had a go at underwear or socks? What about vintage underwear patterns?

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