16 June 2013

Pyjama Party at Did You Make That?

If you're not familiar with the Pyjama Party going on at Did You Make That? you ought to go check it out, she's also doing a sew-along of the Tofino PJ Pants. I'm hoping to get a pair of the Madeleine Bloomers by Colette Patterns done today as my contribution. If I'm really ambitious I also have jersey to make matching underwear (from Cloth Habit's Lady Shorts) and a tank top but we'll see now that we're in overtime at work this week. I'm going to make the bloomers in the fabric below (minus the feather trim), which I purchased in NYC at the Lladybird meet-up.
I had envisioned making something more vintage with them, like a 1930s or 1940s blouse because the combination of minty colors and woven arrows screamed vintage camp shirt to me, but I'm sure I didn't buy enough. Normally the vendors try to sell you more, but the guys at my favorite store, Chic Fabrics, told me I would only need a yard for a shirt. They said the same for a mens shirt, which is not true. But I appreciate that they weren't trying to get me to buy more than I needed! So hopefully I can get more the next time I go back.

In my daydreams, if I buy more, I would make one of these patterns:

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