11 February 2013

Snow Deep In Storm Nemo

Like every other New Englander, my weekend got taken over by Storm Nemo. We're OK - no power lost or anything. This meant lots of indoor activities though, since the snow was really too deep (3 feet!) to sled or make a snowman. Unfortunately my sewing machines are back in RI until I can pick them up this weekend so no sewing was done. I attempted starting some fingerless gloves that I've been commissioned to make, but I can't find a good pattern! I'm getting the feeling I may be making my first attempt at pattern-writing for knitting soon. Eep!

My poor Little Red was totally snowed in.


  1. You could always plop a top hat onto a mound of snow with two branches for arms sticking up in the air on either side waving for help and call it a buried alive snowman... kinda apropos for the amount of snow you got.... ;-)

  2. We loved all the snow we got....and now it's melting away! So sad. I love the dog romping pics. So cute.

  3. Wow, that's *a lot* of snow...


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