06 February 2013

Stays and Bustiers

I had just moseyed over to Simplicity when HUZZAH! According to the front page, their new Spring 2013 collection was up for viewing. I clicked, I clicked again and I even right-clicked to open in a new window...some dolt has updated the front page without the link having anywhere to go to. Way to get my hopes up.
 Thanks to blizzard Nemo I may be moving out a little earlier than expected. As in tomorrow instead of Sunday morning. Good thing, since I haven't done almost any packing! Ack! As such I have only gotten as far as basting the layers of my short stays together. They seem like they'll fit pretty well. However, this means the boning, cording and lacing won't be done for awhile, especially since I have none of those materials. The irony is that I started this project for the HSFN UFO challenge and it is ending up a UFO.

I'm just going to keep clicking until those patterns finally show up. 

On a bit of a tangent, I'm really inspired by these novel pleathers from Fabric.com
1. Bijou Faux Leather Textured Burgundy - $9.98/yd
 2. Faux Leather Gator Black - $11.58/yd
3. Sparkle Vinyl Jade - $15.98/yd

I'm thinking a bustier (or two)?
 Burda Style #113


  1. I don't know what I'd do with a jade-colored sparkly bustier. It would either end up in my closet, being taken out occasionally and sadly put back with no occasion to wear it, or I'd wear it without an occasion, and my kids would do that thing where they walk 10 paces behind pretending they don't know me. That whole vinyl/faux leather department at Fabric.com has me drooling, so I'm mulling it over.

  2. I love bustiers, and have been seeing them all over the sewing blogs lately. Are you going to make it?

    I've never owned one, and I'm afraid that after spending so much time and probably frustration to make one, I would realize that it's not really my style. But maybe a bustier is like a LBD (which I don't have either): you don't wear it regularly, but it's great to bust out for that perfect occasion once a year.

    There's a 1 yd remnant of that jade glitter vinyl at my local fabric store for $8...

    1. You should get that remnant! I've never owned one either, but I'm thinking it might be an appropriate look for wearing on the back of the motorcycle?

  3. Hi Lisette! I don't know how I missed your return to the blogging world a couple of months ago but I'm glad that you are back.

    Definitely make a bustier from the faux gator pleather.

    I hope NEMO hasn't completely derailed you and that you are doing well. Looking forward to more of your posts.

    1. Thanks! I'm doing a-ok in the snow, no power outage or anything thank goodness.

  4. So sexy Wholesale Bustiers, I also want to own one, thanks for your sharing.


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