26 February 2013

1970s "Obi Sash"

This post is long overdue. I completed the belt in late January and now it is nearly March! I'd been using James' neckties as belts for the vintage robe he bought me and that really wasn't ideal.

Fabric: 51% Nylon/49% Poly butterfly brocade from JoAnn Fabrics, given to me by a co-worker (stash-busting!)
Notions: Black satin ribbon
Pattern: Butterick Something-or-Other...now I can't find my picture of the pattern!
Total cost: $1.86 (the ribbon)
Year: 1974?
Hours to complete: 1 because I really took my time after my first screw-up.
Notes: My first attempt at this pattern ended in an angry fit, where I stabbed a dowel through the ties while trying to turn them. The original pattern has you make the ties. I was sewing with costume satin and all the pieces looked terrible, mainly because I couldn't even get them turned inside out. Am I the only person that struggles with this? Forget shoestring ties, these were an inch across and I still couldn't do it. What is the magic trick to this?!
So when I was cataloging my stash and came across a few brocade and sari scraps I decided to give it another go. James voted the butterfly brocade over a black and brown paisley and as usual he was spot-on. He has an excellent eye for this sort of thing it seems. This time, I was smart and used ribbons for the ties and that worked much better.
Rating: I'd give it a 6/10. The belt is "one size" and doesn't really wrap all the way around my waist, something I should have realized earlier. Using ribbon instead of the ties looks much better and is way easier. It is a great quick project and would be good for gifts. Wait, didn't I have a goal this year about no handmade gifts?


  1. I also need a belt for my robe, and this is much more fantastic than I was planning on throwing together. Added bonus for stash busting!

  2. It's a pretty belt...I'd love to see more of that robe! Do you have any more photos?


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