21 January 2013

Train Of Thought Sewing: Lola

3:00 PM  - Begin assembling paper print-out pattern piece with a cup of Earl Grey at my side.

3:03 - Decide music will improve sewing experience. Turn on bad dance jams courtesy HitKast@accuradio.com.

3:10 - Go test Little Red's new catalytic converter that my poor daddy spent a day and a half putting on.

3:22 - Realize I should tweet this on my new Twitter account. Spend several minutes trying to figure out the technicalities of tagging? @ing? Victory Patterns.

3:26 - Realize I also need to tell my associate in fashion and crime, Anna, about the sewing meetup in NYC Lladybird is planning. 

3:36 - Take Little Red for a test drive to double check placement of catalytic converter. It was too tight before and it sounded like I was driving a hot rod. So of course I was inspired to drive as though I were driving a hot rod, which is never smart. But the vibrations meant I now had a massage seat!

3:45 - Resume pattern assembly and zen contemplation of sewing.

4:16 - Cheez-it break and goodbyes to my sister (her college winter break is over).

4:20 - Dance break because Gangnam Style has come on and I've run out of tape. Find another roll leftover from Christmas with barely enough to finish.

4:24 - Assembly completed, time to CUT THAT FABRIC. And people wonder why it takes me so long to sew anything. Geez.


  1. :D Took me almost three episodes of EUREKA to cut and assemble that pattern (last week). But yes, I also often work that way.
    Can't wait to see yours!

    1. Same here! I know you've made loads of knit dresses so I'm sure yours will come out great. I finished mine this morning. I wasn't sure how it would end up because the only fabric I could get ahold of was some polar fleece but I LURVE it.

  2. Lol! This is SO me! Add an adorable pussycat in the mix and its amazing I get any sewing done!

  3. I ran out of tape midway through putting together the Roxanne pattern. I HATE that! I could only find painters tape, lol
    Can't wait to see your finished dress.


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