06 January 2013

To Make Or Not Make Underthings, That Is The Question

So I'm getting zealous now and have also signed up for The Seamless Pledge because it goes along with my No-New New Year pledge.

For 2013, I will buy no new-to-me clothing except bras and socks. And hopefully I won't even have to buy any because I have tons of those. If I really have to, I'd eventually like to have a go at sewing a bra. I've seen so many successful bra projects (like the one below made by Sarai, posted on The Coletterie). 
I've made socks before and really don't care to "have to" make socks. It took me 8 months just to make this one pair and they're not very effective, as they're quite holey. I'd rather buy handmade or at least socks hand-machined in the USA.
As far as underwear...I saw this post on SewRetro about making underwear and immediately bought the pattern (at the end of 2012, mind you) because how cute are they!? I own most of the other Sew Lovely lingerie patterns but have never made any because I'm not exactly enthralled by the idea of a "panty-girdle". These look surprisingly modern and sound super-simple. It's just a matter of me sourcing appropriate fabrics and trims.
I'm also eager to have a go at the free tutorial on how to make 1930s circular knickers over at Sew Vera Venus. She sells the matching early 1940s bra pattern as well, which is charming. The knickers could easily work into the Sew Historical Fortnightly Underthings challenge, since I have nothing planned for it yet.
And if I was truly ambitious I would knock out a pair of seamed thigh highs from Vivian Von Dimples tutorial to match the knickers. Now all I need is to fix my garter belt-whoever thought that a tied silky bow is a good closure for a garter belt is nuts.
Have you ever had a go at underwear or socks? What about vintage underwear patterns?


  1. I've never tried underwear because I'm not very familiar with stretch fabrics, plus, underwear is so cheap I don't mind paying for it. I just bought a slip pattern and I'm going to give that a try soon. I love vintage slips, but they are always too long.

    Knitting socks sounds like a huge pain! I feel like they would wear out really fast too, unless you just wore them to lounge around the house.

  2. I took the pledge too and actually have to buy bras (I want to make them but have failed so far at both bras and panties!). So, I wish to take a bra-making class this summer. But I've lost weight and my two favorite bras just wore out. So, I have no choice, I don't believe - I was just talking to my S.O. about this!

    1. At least you've given it a heck of an effort, it sounds like! Bras are just so darn tricky. What went wrong when you attempted a bra?

  3. Bras are terribly tricky to fit, which puts me off right away. Given that I sew primarily with wovens, making my own underwear/knickers isn't something I want to tackle. I'm too used to getting 5 pairs for $25 at La Senza! LOL!

  4. Yes and yes! I am a sock knitting monster at the moment. It takes way too long for me to knit a pair to make it feasible to only wear knit-by-me socks. But now that I've done a bunch and have gotten the fit worked out, they are my very favorite socks to wear.

    As for "unmentionables", I sewed one pair of panties from a Jalie pattern and they wedged unbelievably, and the one sleep bralet that I made was a big fail (poor fit). So, I've been much less successful with the underwear.

  5. Underwear scares me. All of the stretch! And the fitting! I think I'll stick to making corsets and such for costuming.

  6. I just finished making several pairs of underwear (panties) and they are the most comfortable panties i have ever had - next up making more bras. I've made one and it is so comfortable I have almost worn it out. So my answer is yes, I make my underthings. One aspect of it is once the fit is good, I can sew up multiples of underwear pretty quickly so I have a sense of sewing accomplishment.

  7. Good on you! I actually like making undies. I just traced my favorite jersey pair, which is simple jersey edged with strech lace. Chic and comfy! The pattern is very similar to this one, which is free: http://clothhabit.com/free-pattern-rosy-ladyshorts/

  8. I joined Amy's at Cloth Habit's bra sew along. My pattern arrived today. I feel a bit intimated, but I usually do when trying new things, lol
    I really want to try those seamless stockings, I have some nylon yardage that's perfect!! But I have no garters to hold them up!


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