31 January 2013

January No-New New-Year Summary

January was quite a productive month..."Chad Deity" opened which meant my sewing for that had to be finished, but also that after I had quite a bit of time to sew for myself. I wasn't as good about not buying things as I had hoped, nor my stash-busting. There's always next month!

 Here's the tally:

MADE: 8.5 garments (2 garments/wk) and 2/6 personal projects were stashbusters (33%)
1 lucha mask
1 1913 "Downton" apron
1 Lola
1 pair boxers
1 pair gold shorts + "flag" pair that got destroyed (more on that later)
1 obi belt (yet to be blogged)
50% completed regency stays 
1 pair gold leggings (yet to be blogged)

PURCHASED: 2 shoes, 2/7 garments were on my no-buy list, 3 pieces of fabric
2 yards fleece fabric
1.25 yards gold spandex
 1 yd. metallic knit
1 pair jellies
1 bridesmaid dress - in my defense, I couldn't avoid this one and I wasn't going to sew 5 bridesmaid dresses.
1 pair nude flats (for bridesmaid outfit)
1 bra
4 pairs underwear
1 pair tap shorts - they were on super sale and go with bra/underwear set I already own so I made an exception
4 patterns and replaced one so that I now own the correct size.

3 years worth of vogue magazines
1 sewing machine
1 bag of clothes
17 patterns

A bag of fabric and patterns from my aunt. I didn't keep any patterns and the fabric went in my "probationary" fabric bin.


  1. YAY!! I think you made excellent progress this month :)


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