28 January 2013

HSFN #2: Regency Stays WIP

The second Historical Sew Fortnightly challenge was to finish a UFO. The closest I had was this pattern:
I'd completed the chemise for this pattern in the fall, after owning the set of S&S Regency patterns for nearly a year or so. So now it was on to the short stays, something I've been greatly fearing since I've never made anything in the corset category ever. I'm waiting to make the chemisettes because I want them to complement the dress which has yet to exist.
Pattern: Regency Underthings: Short Stays by S&S Patterns
Fabric: Cotton duck leftover from the Mrs. Patmore apron
Time: Many!
Notes: Since I have two more weeks to complete these, this is still a WIP. I've finished the interlining, made from the duck (see photos) and started the lining, from cotton muslin and outer fabric, a printed quilter's cotton, all of which came from my stash. 
Fitting was hard, because I was trying to do it on myself and there is supposed to be a gap in the front of 1-2" which is where the lacing is. However the lacing doesn't come until later so it was really impossible to guess how to fit it. I took in some in the back and some width from the side seams as well. We'll see!
These are only time consuming because the gussets should be hand-stitched in. After doing one hand-stitched (left side) and one machine-stitched (right side) I agree with this. Unless you're a terrible hand sewer it gives you a lot more control over something with a very tiny seam allowance and awkward corners.

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  1. Can't wait to see them finished! They look great so far.


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