12 January 2013

Come And Get 'Em: Patterns and Costume Updates

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This is the thawb to go with the turban I made for "The Fundamentalist" in "Chad Deity". I'm covering it in "arabic" writing. So many Bones episodes watched, 3 jumbo sharpies have already bit the dust and I've only got one side done! I'm not complaining, however, it's been a nice break from very complicated Luchador Mask sewing (more about that later this week). But I thought I'd take a moment from my seriously stinky sharpie project to tell you all about how to get some patterns on the cheap.
Two months without work, some unexpected doctor's bills and a desire not to end up on Hoarders is leading me to really purge my vintage pattern and clothing collection, as well as my fabric, button and trims stash. I didn't really feel like bothering to list them on Etsy and Ebay, so I put them all up on my Pinterest board "Patterns to Get Rid Of" (their actual sizes are written in the description). Quite a few are plus size.
 So if you are interested in one of these patterns, let me know by emailing me...make me an offer that includes shipping (about $2.50 in the states). I will then put it up as a reserved listing on Etsy for you or we can work out just a Paypal transaction if you're a blogger I know well enough. I still have more to put up (mostly my half-size patterns) so keep checking in.
I will also consider trades of several of my patterns for one of your patterns (to keep the illusion that I am actually getting rid of things). I'm a B36 or 35 and a W28.

 I got a really nice break from sewing costumes today, as the boyfriend and Paisley visited Rhode Island. We took her to the beach since she'd never seen the ocean before and she ate up a poor little crab I fished out from under a rock! She eats spiders on command so I can only assume she thought that's what it was. We also bought Rhode Island clam chowder and syrup for coffee milk, the official state drink, so it was a very Rhode Islandey time.


  1. Your dog eats spiders on command?? She is so cute!! I expect I am shocked as here in Australia pretty much all of our spiders are poisonous!!!

  2. *wail!* So many pretty, pretty patterns and I've taken a pledge not to buy any new ones this year! Ack!!

    1. Resist! You are strong! You can do it!


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