16 May 2012


As much as I don't want to, my apprenticeship work is forcing me into something of a hiatus. Besides the worst internet connection EVER, I just don't have time to blog. As for sewing, I'm lucky if I get two things sewn a month! I finished my macaron but couldn't get time or weather to get photos done.
The good thing is my fellow wardrober is keen to sew and I think will push me to sew more of my vintage patterns (when I find the time) because we have little sewing parties about once every two weeks. On the other hand I've been actually doing well with MMM, even though I'm not documenting it. I do have to wear black athletic wear to work every day, but for the few hours before work I try and do something me-made.
So for now I'm going to disappear from the internets, possibly until as far ahead as December. We'll see, maybe I'll squeak in a post here and there. Until then, happy sewing! I leave you with a photo of me and my backstage comrades on Cinco de Moustache.

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