29 February 2012

BMV Patterns II

Today I'm posting the new McCalls patterns that have caught my eye. I think this is the first collection I've seen from them where I've liked more than one or two patterns. Although I found the children's pattern photos perplexing. Farm animals standing on the heads of small humans?
This dress is very sweet and the model is definitely channeling Miss Zooey Deschanel, which is always a plus in my book. But all those seams? What a nightmare for someone who already has so many fitting issues. I also can't decide if I like or hate the asymmetrical skirt hem.
Pardon my french, but comment charmante, cette robe! The upper left one is just lovely in a 1960s way and the version with the ruffles is kind of cute too, although you would never know in the print they used.
I avoid shirtdresses, even though I like them, largely because of the gappage factor. Those of you who have to FBA know what I mean. But this one comes with separate pattern pieces for different cup sizes! Hallelujah!
Ruffles would probably enhance my bust in a bad way, but it looks darling on the model...
This doesn't really fall into my usual style, but I actually love this type of shirt (the view on the model). They are great in summer with shorts because they're flattering but not clingy, especially when made in rayon jersey. Perfect for the humid weather.
I love a good flowy, wide-leg pant as it oozes classic style, although maybe not in sweatshirt heather grey. Plus it has a yoke, cute pleats and pockets. My one problem with this pattern is the elastic waist in back. Lazy sewing!
Maybe it's just me but I've always drooled over clear raincoats. Practical, but you still get to see your outfit underneath! How hard is it to sew through that stuff?
If I had a little girl, she would have several pairs of those tiered bellbottoms. They are all that is groovy.
Flowers for those of us dreaming of millinery.

27 February 2012

BMV New Patterns

Spring pattern lines are finally out! This time I'll be posting the Butterick-McCalls-Vogue ones that have caught my fancy. Starting with Butterick 5750...
This has a very sweet, slightly 1960s feel for me and I'd love to attempt a lined dress of sheer fabric.
I'm always ogling the middy dresses of the '50s and '60s so I'm very excited that they've reprinted this one! Plus no sleeves for me to contend with.
I find that a lot of the reprints aren't usually anything that I would consider wearable but this is an exception. I love the simplicity of it - a basic, bodice without a high neckline (yay!) and a full but not gathered skirt! Perfect.
If you haven't already accessorized your sewing space within an inch of its life, here's your chance to also color-coordinate it!
I wouldn't make this, but that jacket on the right looks like something straight out of a mid-70s pattern book.
A capri pattern! In a classic style! It seemed that for awhile the only bottoms patterns where either strangely designed pants or they had elastic waists. What about the rest of us, that long for normal capris, pants and shorts? They even look like they go up to one's natural waist!

19 February 2012

Downton Abbey Party Outfit

Is anyone else watching the finale tonight? My friends and I are having a wee party for it - actually, we've had one every week, but I'm dressing up for this one! I have a vintage Laura Ashley dress I thrifted for $7 to wear and I plan on having some fun with my hair. These aren't my photos, but they happen to be the exact same dress! They came from the Etsy shop UberVintageThreads.
 It leans more toward the styles worn earlier this season, which I prefer to the waist-less sack dresses. Not that they're not gorgeous, just not on me.
If you're looking for some hair tutorials, I found these on YouTube.

Simplicity Spring Patterns Are Here!

I'm particularly excited because they've started collaborating with Leanne Marshall, who won Project Runway way back with her gorgeous petal layering techniques.
 I need, need to make the purple and yellow dresses. They're gorgeous.
There are also new Lisette patterns, but with the exception of this bag pattern, I've become sort of disenchanted with that line. They all seem to be made for women whose body type is the opposite of mine - tall and slender.
 Other than that there were some ugly pants...
I wasn't wowed by any of the Project Runway patterns, nor the Cynthia Rowleys (although they at least are closer to something I might wear). That said, there were lots of cute kids clothing patterns, but I have no one to sew those for. This pattern caught my eye, but not for the skirt...I really liked her hairdo! I made it supersize so you can see it better.

16 February 2012

Costume Designer: What they think I do meme

If you're not on facebook, you might have missed this trend of internet humour. Basically you use images to show what everyone's point of view is about something related to you, usually your job. There are many for film/theatre jobs but no one has bothered to make one for costume designers, so I took the liberty of making one.

11 February 2012

Rockabilly Pattern Picks

I've chosen two of the patterns I want for my Rockabilly Dream Wardrobe (sounds like I'm turning into a Barbie doll, haha!) from my stash.
This has been floating in my stash for awhile now. I adore  everything about it, and plan to make view B, only with the contrast collar. The plan is to pair it with a navy circle skirt, but then what color to make the blouse? I was really struck (no pun intended) by this bowling pin fabric I saw at JoAnn fabrics. I try to avoid prints near my face, but I think if I did the yoke in this and the rest in the light same light blue color that would tone it down a bit.
Unfortunately this would not in any way be a stash busting project.  While I want to stash bust, a lot of the fabrics I bought in my first few years of sewing are not appropriate weights or drapes for many of the projects I now want to sew!
The second pattern would also fulfill my Tie One On project. I already have one apron, but what if I want to cook with a friend when I'm moved out? Well, they'll need an apron too!
There exists only two records online of view 1 being made up. I think a periwinkle and purple floral, with green rick rack would be ideal. This fabric from Amazon is something like what I want. However, I'm trying to be frugal so I'll probably be shopping through old sheets for fabric for this project. I already have eyelet in my stash.

09 February 2012

Rockabilly Dream Wardrobe

I started my UFO for the Sew Weekly challenge this week, but apartment sitting and being sick for a week have left me with no energy to put the last sleeve on! In the meantime I've been occupying my thoughts with the rockabilly wardrobe I would like to make my next big  undertaking. I've many patterns from the '40s and '50s that have languished while I've been improving my skills on other projects. So what do I need?
Perky Blouses! I seldom have luck with blouses - the whole gapping problem - and collared shirts tend to make my already short neck even shorter.
This PDF pattern from Mrs. Depew Vintage had a nice wide open collar. Plus it is only $5!
...and with that blouse I would need some full, breezy skirts.
This $8 pattern from Hela Q's Vintage Patterns would fit the bill nicely. Prints, solids, trims...there's a lot you could do with it! And of course I'll probably make another bandanna skirt (in red?). Come to think of it, I'd love to do it as a sew-along since it is easy and quick.
Of course, several sundress/bolero sets are a must! I have so many of these patterns.
 These are all available at Various Oddities.

Now if I was truly a rockbilly gal, I would be drooling over this pattern up for sale on Ebay. And I am, but not with the intention of ever making and wearing such a garish outfit! It's like a band uniform gone awry.

06 February 2012

January Sewing Summary Pt. 2: Is It Summer Yet? Skirt

So we're pretty much a week into February, but since I've been sick all week I haven't been able to get around to finishing this series of posts. This was my quick and easy confidence boosting project to get my mind of my struggles with the Macaron and it has lived up to my expectations. Too bad I have to wait a few months to wear it.
SW Challenge: Down Under...sew something opposite your season (winter here!)
Pattern: Simplicity 2258 (2012)
Materials: JoAnn "Babysilk" 100% Polyester ($8.99), elastic ($2.29), thread ($1.08)
Time: 4-5 hours?
Cost: $12.36
Size: 14. For once, it fit exactly with just enough ease! I don't know if this is due to its more junior styling, but I also hemmed less than recommended and came out with a skirt just as short in the photo (about 2" above my knee) and lets face it, I shop in the petites section, so I'm a shorty!
Pros: For starters, it is definitely quick and definitely easy. I love how the pockets are constructed and the fact that it has them. The front tie hides the elastic waist and keeps it from being frumpy. It is a good young person's beginner pattern but just fun enough for a more advanced sewer as well. I challenges my hand sewing skills on attaching the ties so that you wouldn't see stitching.
Cons: I'm not in love with the silhouette, I prefer a fuller skirt to balance out my top heaviness, but that's not the pattern's fault at all. The only sad thing is my fabric doesn't make for a nice bow when I tie the ties, so I've just used a square knot.

05 February 2012

Apprenticeship Ho! Plus Inspirational Links

Dear friends, I am very, very, VERY excited to tell you that I have gotten a wardrobe apprenticeship at a well-known theatre about an hour from my home in Rhode Island. I have been trying since my graduation (nearly two years ago) to get an internship or apprenticeship with very little luck. While I like working as a designer, I still have a lot to learn and now I have the opportunity! 
Unfortunately this means I will be even less likely to post in the next few months while I prepare to move and actually live independently. The only time I have not lived at home was the four months I lived in Quebec for my college study abroad. Therefore this is a new sort of venture for me and I am looking forward to improving my generally bad cooking and housekeeping skills.
On top of preparation I am still working my part-time job, and several theatre and film jobs which started last week. So again, not a lot of opportunity to post here. What might help is that I have finally gotten a new camera battery! And of course I have so many things that I want to post about...the fact that I have physically run out of room for my 500+ pattern collection; images from my 1970s pattern catalogs, 1935 American Girl magazine, etc.; my own sewing and the sewing I've been doing at URI for Tartuffe.

Since I don't want to bore you entirely with my career ramblings, I'm leaving you with an assortment of inspirational links from this week.
1. Tie One On is a blog in similar style to the Sew Weekly except you get several months and all you make are aprons. I'd not been overly enthusiastic about aprons until I made one myself and I may allow myself to become obsessed! Their current theme is floral. Click here to see all the apron patterns over at the Vintage Pattern Wiki!
Source: Vintage Pattern Wiki
2. I stumbled across Truly Victorian Patterns by way of Patternreview.com and WOW. She sells patterns for Victorian garments from 1830-1909 and there are a lot to choose from! Best of all, most have photos of the patterns made up.
3. BurdaStyle has just put up this bolero pattern, which has a novice difficulty rating. At $5.40, it seems a steal!
4. The LA County Museum of Art has a set of free, downloadable historical mens patterns from 1700 to 1790. The images below are of the garments used to design the patterns and come from the LACMA website.

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