29 January 2012

January Sewing Summary Pt. 1: Basketball and Bloomers

Yesterday I successfully ran a bloomers-making workshop. We needed to sew ten pairs of bloomers for a game to be played at a local 100th Girl Scout Anniversary celebration, and we completed almost all of them (one needs a drawstring!)
You can't see it, but in addition to my me-made dress, I'm wearing me-knit socks too!
I had about 7 volunteer sewists and they were all fantastic. Most of them needed very little direction and a few even improved out design! We used Simplicity 2514, a costume pattern. 
Miss Ann must have some serious calves, because the bloomers did not stay up like they did on the pattern cover!

28 January 2012

Skirt Cure

I am still experiencing insecurity about proceeding with my macaron. It took me hours to put in half of a gusset and I'm questioning whether I was able to make one big enough to even make any difference. Bah!
So I am going to break one of my New Year's Resolutions (to finish what I've started before moving on to another project) and make up a hopefully quick and easy project that will boost my sewing confidence back up. Hopefully I will then be able to have two finished projects by the end of January. Really, it's just too cold to sew more than that. I picked this skirt and some sulfur-yellow peachskin from Joann.
The elastic waistband was a bit of a turn-off, but I like how the tie in view C covers it, and the various versions I saw on PatternReview.com convinced me it would work:
Isn't this cross between the shorts/skirt cute? 

18 January 2012

Macaron Sleeve Setbacks

I have been working on and off with Colette's Macaron pattern for the past two weeks. I am having mixed results. I am going to make it come out wearable, because I love the fabrics I chose, but the sleeves are giving me a serious headache. As usual I can't lift my arms above my bust line, which is telling me that I need to figure out the source of this problem so I can always incorporate the solution into future patterns.
Any advice? Here are my observations on my problem:
1. This is happening when I sew patterns that are a size that otherwise fits me (although I am a petite in RTW).
2. Taking up the shoulders helps but that means redoing the neckline and neck facings and figuring out how to take length out of the sleeve cap.
3. It feels tight right under the armpit when I try to raise my arms.
4. I should probably be doing a FBA since I'm a D cup, but it has never been necessary on sleeveless garments I've made!

11 January 2012

To Summarize...2 Years of WWNDW

The Original Goal, Year 1 (Just for reference!)
3 of these were half completed. :(

What I Actually Made, Year 2
Status: UFO/Costume piece belonging to a theatre
Status: Keeper! 
Status: Occasional wear (fitted at wrong time of the month, needs a lining)
Status: Donated (too big in waist)
 Status: Keeper!
Status: To-fix pile
Status: Donated? Want to re-do in another color.
Status: Gone from my closet, was unflattering
Status: Want to re-do in less clingy jersey, but keeping
Status: Keeper!
 Status: Will use 'til it falls apart, should probably make a winter one too!
Status: Neither the shirt nor the boy belong to me anymore. It is loved, but didn't get worn often
Status: To-fix pile? The washing machine ate the flowers
Status: Given to friend for pin-up costume, too small
Status: Well worn!
Status: Will probably get rid of
 Status: To-fix pile (sleeves fit oddly)
Status: Loved and worn
Status: Keeper, wish I could figure out how to keep the darts from riding up
Status: Wear sometimes
 Status: Keeper!
Status: Will probably give away to Mom

What I Refashioned, Year 2
(one 80's dress -> little girls' dress; one size 6 prom skirt -> 50's housewife skirt)

Actually I made a second pair of these for my sister for Christmas, but never documented them, and a scarf for myself which I've been knitting since July, but don't yet have a photo of.

Tops: 7 (28%)
Bottoms: 5 (20%)
Dresses: 7 (28%)
Costumes: 5 (20%)
Other: 1 (4%)
TOTAL: 25 (approximately 2/month)

Dresses: 2 (40%)
Costumes: 3 (60%)
TOTAL: 5 (.4/month)

Headbands/Hats: 1 (20%)
Scarves: 2 (40%)
Mittens/Gloves: 2 (40%)
TOTAL: 5 (.4/month)

From Stash: 14
Not From Stash (Not including theatre work): 14

Surprisingly, I think I achieved my mental list of sewing goals for last year: work with fabrics other than cotton wovens, work from stash (I only did this 50% of the time), be fearless in trying different sorts of patterns and styles, do things the way they should be done, rather than taking shortcuts.

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