03 December 2012

WRESTLEMANIA! Luchadors, an Ice Princess and Spandex

Well readers, never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would spend an afternoon watching WWE's Top 50 Wrestlers, but I did! And it was fascinating and all in the name of research for my next show...

To really understand why I'm so excited about this, you should check out this article: The 50 Greatest Wrestling Costumes Of All Time. The costumes these people wear are so bizarre and varied, they use everything from feather boas to boa constrictors! When I was doing my renderings I would feel like I was making a character too ridiculous until I re-referenced that article and then it was clear they were not actually ridiculous enough.
 So without further ado I will present them to you:
Mace/Chad Deity
EKO/Che Chavez Castro/The Fundamentalist
The Bad Guy/Billy Heartland
Old Glory

And for good measure, Happy Holidays! I attended an ugly holiday sweater party last minute, so here is my "1980s Ice Princess" ensemble.
Giant hair bow? CHECK.
Leggings? CHECK.
Beaded acrylic snowflake sweater? DOUBLE CHECK!


  1. Love the picture, especially the setting: the basement? I look back at old pictures of myself and I think, My gosh! I went out in public dressed like that! Of course, at the time I thought I looked cool!

  2. LOVE IT. Seriously - wrestling outfits are the best! I'm loving all the masks and headwear especially :)


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