20 December 2012

Video Tutorial: Serging Inverted Corners

Folks, this is the week of many, many, many boxer shorts. Besides sewing a set of 7 for my boyfriend for Christmas (which I need to finish before Saturday morning!) I'm using the same pattern, Simplicity 9958 as the base for a pair of Apollo Creed-inspired wrestling shorts for "The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity".
 Photo from Wikipedia

This has meant a LOT of serging and I think I have finally mastered how to do an inverted corner. It does appear to have a pucker, but that is from me folding the fabric. it will smooth out when ironed. Hopefully at some point I will have time to edit the video and put instructions directly into it.
1. Start at top of shorts and work your way carefully around the curve of the fly.
2. Once you have turned the fabric for the last time, fold the excess fabric that would otherwise get cut off over twice to line up with your serging line.
3. Hand crank serger until you can see the tip of the folded over fabric.
4. Lift presser foot and release the already serged fabric that is behind the presser foot to the right.
5. Serge slowly into final curve!


  1. You could also serge this from both directions, ending at the inverted corner. Or serge the fly piece but encase the seam allowance that ends up beneath the fly (if that makes sense). Serging makes me anxious! LOL

    1. Good ideas! Although I think I need to think more about that second one to really get it. I'm anxious about getting this all done in time! I timed myself and serging the two pieces it takes to make the boxers took me ten minutes :(

  2. Thanks for sharing, I have never done this, I'll practice it.


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