26 December 2012

Christmas Sewing I: Boxers

I really had no idea what to make my boyfriend for Christmas until I remembered that he jokingly asked for knitted underwear, after finding out that I knit. Well, I thought to myself, that would be both amusing and practical for New England winter. After some research on Ravelry however, I decided that knitted underwear was not the best choice - mainly because there's only one un-sized pattern for it, unless you're looking for some rather unusual men's knitted lingerie!
Men's Ribbed Boxerbriefs Pattern by Kevin Williams | ravelry.com
So I moved on to a set of boxers, because, in his words it is "flannel boxer season!" My fellow sewists, I have now made this pattern 5 times and am going to be doing it twice more...I have one unfinished pair for him and I'm also using the pattern for a costume for "Chad Deity". I was just getting a little sick of this pattern when my dad sees them and decides he wants some for his next gift. *Sigh* a sewist's work is never done!
Pattern: Simplicity 9958
Fabric: All from JoAnn Fabrics; Rock n Roll - novelty quilter's cotton, Fishing and Camping/Caliente Peppers - snuggle flannel prints, World Map - quilter's panels, Red/Black Southwest Print - flannel shirtings.
Time: 3-4 days
Review: 4/5 - Once I'd sewn two pairs, I didn't even need to consult the directions anymore. I took away one point because the layout has you fold the fabric the opposite way from normal layouts, so I really had to think when I was buying directional prints. Of course, I messed it up and bought too much of the ones I didn't need to and too little of the ones I needed more of, so there's one unfinished pair!
Notes: I did the red and black pair first and they were a nightmare! I was using the industrial machine at work and my friend had just replaced the needle - BACKWARDS! So the thread kept breaking, but we didn't know why. Finally, I just sewed any thicker parts by hand. The rest went much more quickly because I sewed them on my own machine, but I almost ran out of thread a few times because I pulled from my stash. I finished them at midnight, Friday and gave them to him on Saturday!
I had a lot of fun picking out the fabrics, because I tried to pick things he liked or that meant something; for example the peppers fabric references an inside joke and I did the southwestern fabric because he used to live in Utah.
In case you didn't know what boxers look like, I will model them for you. Stay tuned for my final Christmas gift post!
P.S. - He loved them :)


  1. Those are so cute! I bet he loved them all :)

  2. That is my go-to boxer pattern. I make them occasionally for my son. There are instructions in my photo album here: https://picasaweb.google.com/116516756915428519533/S9958

  3. Fantastic!! I love all of the fabrics you used, but my favorite has to be the summer camp fabric you are modeling here :) Well done!

  4. Knitted boxers?!? God, it looks everything but practical... (though honestly, if it feels fine on the sensitive places, it's probably more than awesome...)
    Also, it made me smile. Big.


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