08 November 2012

Remember Me? Time To Catch Up!

Hello friends! I've missed you all so much! Since my apprenticeship is coming to a close in about a month I've decided started easing myself back into the blogging world. I'm presenting a photo collage of what my year here has been like...there's not a lot of sewing since even when I did sew I didn't always get photos, but it was an excellent mental health break. Also, after much thought and meditation, I feel I have a much better grasp of what I want and like to sew, how long my own sewing process is and how best to budget it; all things that had been a source of frustration for me while sewing.

I did a zipline adventure in Massachusetts. A little challenging for a girl who's afraid of heights and gets vertigo!
Altered a thrift find: a 1990's ankle-length rayon dress into something that felt a little more 1940s.
Met a really great guy (and his dog, Paisley) at a Fourth of July bash.
Had a tie-dye and jello shots day.
Made a 5 ft. long patchwork belt.
MET ALAN CUMMING! Right after we took the photo I got so overwhelmed that I cried. Yep, I was that person.
Wore some silly wigs.
Knit a hat! Pattern is available on Ravelry from the woman who wrote the Stitch n Bitch books.
Jumped off a dock into the CT river (I'm on the end with the crazy shorts). I also jumped off a bridge into a reservoir.
Made McCalls 6559: after many frustrating fights with my serger I handsewed a LOT of it. It is incredibly shapeless, but comfortable.
Was in a photo shoot. Can you spot me?
I've baked a LOT. I've also cooked a lot. I'm very proud that I've expanded my previously non-existent skills in the kitchen.
Danced the macarena at a decades party.
Was an "approachable clown" and half of a pair of mimes for Halloween. Miss Captain America here is afraid of clowns. But not me! I'm approachable!
Phew! Eventually I'll get photos of the other knitted and sewn items I've made, but that's it for now! Glad to be back!



    What a marvelous break! You've had some pretty fantastic adventures there, with all the jumping off into things and meeting fabulous people :)

    Love your knit and sewn creations, especially that delightful dress - the color suits you so well!

    Also, I'm glad your apprenticeship has been going so well - you deserve it :)

  2. Welcome back! I love your pie! Sooo delicious looking. And the wig shot is awesome!

  3. Looks like you had a lot of fun. Now it's back to the blogging grind for you! ;)

  4. ALAN CUMMING?!?! I would have cried, too!!

    What a great post - so many fun and exciting things. :) It is great to see you blogging again!

  5. I am so glad you're back!!! Yay! I am glad you had so much fun at your internship, too!


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