13 November 2012

My Color Palette

There's a great post by quiet and small today that very much describes the thought process I've culled from my sewing hiatus. On top of that, Tasia at Sewaholic did a post talking about what colors look best on herself and how we should use that as a guide when sewing.

In that spirit I've put together my own color palette based off of the colors I'm immediately drawn to in my own wardrobe.
(These are all swatch images from fabric.com)
I have a complexion with a lot of red undertones, so a bright red makes me look like a fire engine. A lovely cranberry color, however, brings out the best in my skin. A gentle pink brings out a natural blush. Hot pink is overwhelming.
Blues are best on me, especially grey-blues and seafoam. They keep me from looking warm and bring out my blue eyes! If it is too close to teal it is usually too bright.
Brown is not typically my friend. Any color with shades of brown mixed in tends to make my complexion appear dirty. A chocolate brown, however, is dark enough to give good contrast without washing me out like black would.
Chartreuse is one of the few greens I can wear. If I wear green there has to be yellow in it too.
Navy and all shades of grey are my most common neutrals.
Orange and mustard yellow are great accent colors.


  1. if i spied you correctly in that photoshoot, i'd said wine red is THE BOMB on you...

    i am ever so glad you're back, and what a great recap of your hijinks!

  2. Pretty colours! I agree with Oona - it is lovely to have you back!

  3. Love all of these!! The blues remind me of when we met and you were wearing that amazing peacock dress. It's definitely a favorite of mine for you!

  4. I always love a good color post. How nice to know so specifically what looks good on you. I tend to wear whatever I have an interest in, but there are a very few colors that I know I should stay away from - or at least keep away from my face.


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