15 November 2012

Christmas Knitting Part I

I've fallen into the habit of knitting at least two gifts for Christmas. This year I'm considering attempting one knitted gift for everyone because I've gotten a pretty good head start. AKA I've made one hat!

For my mom and dad, a classic hat...
Yarn: Lion Brand Amazing (Joann's)
Cost: Free pattern, Yarn $4-5
ETA: This first one took me a month of knitting on and off

My mother works on a local farm. She is known as Farmer Kit and I think what she does is really cool. While on the job, she does things as varied as driving a tractor to tying fancy bows for wreaths. Since she is frequently outside I decided to knit her a hat that is warm and also easy to spot if she puts it down or loses it.
I use this yarn a LOT, mostly because it is the perfect yarn for the mitten pattern I like to use. I have made 3 pairs of mittens from it. This yarn has great colorways and is also fairly soft for a wool/acrylic yarn. The changing colors with a crazy stripe here and there keep me wanting to knit.
I've found I enjoy knitting very classic styles. They tend to produce great results without a lot of fuss and this hat fit the bill perfectly. It is very well written and easy to make but looks great, and as an added bonus it is a mens pattern that a man would actually wear. The downside is my gauge was a little off and so this hat is a tad short - it doesn't quite cover my earlobes! I'll be adding a brim I guess.

Wool makes my Dad itchy, so he'll be getting a version of it in this yarn and colorway:
Source: Ravelry


  1. How fun! I'm trying to knit 3 Christmas gifts this year. We'll see how that goes, but so far so good!

  2. I love that yarn!! The colours are amazing! I am knitting my mom a scarf this year to match the fingerless gloves I made her last year. She's allergic to wool, too, so I'm using some nice, thick cotton yarn for her.

  3. The colors are fantastic!!! I'm sure these hats will be well loved :)


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