29 November 2012

A Vintage Affair

 A few Sundays ago, a certain dashing young man told me that he would be taking me out on a date that evening. Normally our schedules mean we can only squeeze in a few hours late in the evening together, so our dates are mostly in-house...cooking, watching movies, star-gazing or walking the dog.
I had to dash out the door as soon as work was over, since he told me that we had to leave by 4. He wouldn't, however, tell me where we were going. After about a half hour drive, we parked and entered a store. This is what I saw...
It was a vintage clothing store!!! He informed me that we wouldn't be leaving empty handed, even though I would have been content just to window shop. How did I get so lucky?!

I was very, very overwhelmed by the excellent stock at Fashionista Vintage & Variety. Turns out he contacted them ahead of time to request that they stay open later for us. The two owners were fabulous, very in love with their store and a lot of fun. They tied our purchases up in a scrap of cloth and clothes-pinned it to a stick, hobo-style.

He pointed out a 1940's silk robe with an amazing dragon embroidery on the back. That was coming home for sure so I would have a robe to use when I stay over.
Then a super-cute bowling shirt. He knows my style and has excellent taste.
And I splurged on an amazing Gunne Sax black label dress because I can't resist a Gunne Sax.
Really, truly, officially the best date ever.



    That is, without a doubt, the BEST DATE EVER.

    The robe is more than stunning as well, and I would love to see pictures of you modeling the dress!

  2. Ack! I love me some Gunnes too! So cute!

  3. How freakin awesome is he? What a wonderful date idea!! Love what you walked away with!

  4. Er.Meh.Gerd. That dress? That dress? That man! I like all of this.


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