14 April 2012

Sew Crazy! Week 1

I'm officially calling my goal to sew 8 garments by the end of May "Sew Crazy!" because starting today I work backstage for about 10+ hours a day, 5-6 days a week. I still aim to make it happen and I've got my projects mostly planned out, but I'm not going to be bummed if I don't get them all done.
The good news is that one of my fellow wardrobe apprentices was also really eager to have a sewing buddy, so I'm a bit more motivated. Everything's going well so far but all I've done is sew snaps for (literally) 17 hours. My fingers never hurt so badly.

Pattern: McCall's 6435 (2011) ($1.99)
Fabrics: Dark pink - rayon/lycra jersey, light pink - cotton jersey (JoAnn's - $8)
Time: Approximately 4 hours
Total Cost: $10
Size: I usually make a 14 but here I made a 12. RTW I wear 8 petite.
Pros: It was very straightforward and quick! The fit is about what I would expect of a store bought t-shirt, so nothing amazing, but I think I can fix that next time. I was just glad it wasn't sackville. The yoke is cute and it would be eays to convert this to a plain t-shirt.
Cons: This should have been a stupid fast project, but I ignored the instructions for hemming everything (bottom, sleeves, neck) and first tried hemming with a twin needle, which I loved, but it skipped on occasion. Then I switched to banding, which was bad.  I pulled on the sleeve bands and they ended up kind of tight on my biceps. And I'm no Hulk! So then I didn't pull on the neck band and it ended up loosey-goosey. Since it doesn't look bad I'm going to leave it but I know better for next time. The pattern itself just calls for a narrow hem. All this banding meant the dreaded hand sewing and that's why it took 4 hours instead of just 2.

What's next? My Macaron I've been trying to finish since January!


  1. Congrats on making it through 17 hours of snaps. I can't even imagine. Hope your Macaron goes nicely. :)

  2. this is so sweet! i love the pinks.

    hope your digits got a little rest. was just thinking of you yesterday, i'm working on a pattern from the magical archives box :)

  3. Love this top....and I lOVE your 'sew crazy' goal!! I'm rooting for you!!

  4. You sew crazy, and I sew love it! Seriously - this top is all kinds of comfortable and fantastic looking :)

  5. Cute shirt and yay for the Macaron! I've been wearing mine basically every week!

  6. Hey Lisette -- you're the winner of the vintage sewing pattern giveaway at Serendipity Handmade! Send me an email, k?

  7. cute top!! good luck finishing your 8 before may, it's crazy enough that i love it!!! go sew! go sew!! :)


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