13 March 2012

When Kitties Draft Patterns

Today is my last day apartment sitting so hopefully after this I will get to do some sewing. I got a few seams done on my third go round of this pattern. This time I'm using a sheet I thrifted with a great mod feel. This will be both a stash-bust and a UFO!
What else have I been up to? I took an unexpected trip to New Hampshire, where I got to spend time with this cutie.
I considered buying an antique Volvo recommended to me by another member of the Flickr group Volvo Divas. I decided against it, but I did spot this beauty on the highway. You can see the front of my own Volvo in the foreground.
My only other sewing related activity was doing some alterations to a pattern for the other half of the Girl Scout costuming project. Janice, the kitty at the apartment, decided to "help" me. This meant running across the paper at top speed and making paw-sized holes in it.
Lastly, I got bored being cooped up (the neighborhood isn't very nice, so I don't really dare take walks) and gave myself a haircut. I'm not sure if I love it - I didn't realize how much I had cut off. I used this video...
At first it didn't look at all like it was supposed to, so I kept on cutting. And cutting. And cutting. Now it definitely looks like it, but it is a lot shorter than I realized. I'm also wondering if it will look dumb if I don't straighten it, since that was a big plus side to my last haircut - no work involved.


  1. what a cute kitty...they are always dangerous to patterns :) OMG. love your haircut. I think that is awesome that you cut it yourself!!

  2. Cute kitty! I like your new haircut! Kudos for doing it yourself! I tried to cut my boyfriend's hair once and it was a disaster (and about 4 inches shorter that he wanted me to cut it - he had pretty long hair back then)...

  3. Hi, I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award. To see the details, please visit my blog, http://seamssustainable.blogspot.com. No hard feelings if you do not wish to participate, have already received this award, or just don't do awards. I understand. Thanks, I do love your blog.

  4. I think it looks cute on you! Nothing wrong with it at all. Wish I had the guts to cut my own hair!


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