21 March 2012

SW: Mad Men Challenge

Choosing a pattern for the Sew Weekly Mad Men challenge this week was nearly impossible. I had way too many too choose from, and all of them had fiddly details. I'm still fearing doing sleeves after having to take them off my Macaron (which still needs to be hemmed).

Who should be my inspiration? Joan would be an obvious choice, but I seldom wear anything with a pencil skirt silhouette. I hate the way I look in it. Peggy is great, but I lacked anything in my fabric stash that would be Peggyish. I really love Sally's outfits, but I didn't want to sew yet ANOTHER shift dress. Trudy is usually too outlandish and fancy. I wanted something I could wear "everyday". That left me with Betty.

I'm not blonde, I'm only just learning to like pink and overall I only like about half her outfits, but I did have 3 yards of pepto bismol pastel pink linen in my stash, a recent thrift find for $4. I also had this pattern which I have had on my to-do list. I was really tempted to do a full skirt season 1 or 2 style dress but I wanted to stick with the current season (1966) and this pattern is 1965. It is also something I can picture myself wearing in public. Big plus.
View 3 is my choice. I think the closest actual inspiration would be this dress, which is one of my few favorites of hers and was already inspiration for a different dress I've made.
She also has worn a lot of shirtdresses, which this is. That's something I've not yet tackled!
Betty Draper images from this blog.


  1. Oh! That pattern would be lovely no matter the era! And shirtdresses are classic too. I particularly loved the way the school teacher (Don's mistress seasons ago) wore them, more low-key than Betty. Looking forward to what you come up with :)

  2. sweet! I like version 1 as well. Can't wait to see how this turns out, I'm sure it'll be fabulous.

  3. I agree it can be hard to do Mad Man style in an everyday, wearable way. That's the reason I've not yet joined in with any of the various Mad Men sewing challenges, I can't quite find a way to make it work for me without sewing yet another special ocassion dress.

    Anyway, shirtdresses are great, and I think version 2 of your pattern would be really wearable.

  4. I love both Betty dresses! I've been meaning to make a dress similar to the first one with this warm grey flower-print fabric from my stash... not this week, though. That pattern is lovely, I especially like the collar and the shape of the skirt!


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