22 March 2012

Simplicity Summer 2012 Patterns

"They're here!" That's what I shouted this morning at breakfast, to the surprise of my mother and sister. "THE SUMMER PATTTERNS ARE HERE!"
They only had two costume patterns, this and a civil war pattern, and you know how I dislike civil war era. I think this lacks the intricacy of their other "steampunk" patterns and ends up looking on the cheap and cheesy side, but I think the bolero is really spiffy. The skirt on the right wouldn't be terrible either with a better top.
 Barring the skirts, I think the top is interesting. The star trek-ish keyhole has been popping up in lots of patterns.
 I really would like more maxi dresses for this summer. I'm not usually big on bohemian style, I tend to fall more into classic, but they are really so comfortable.
 The stark trek keyhole! There it is again!
This method of added fullness to a skirt is so incredibly flattering. I'm really glad someone incorporated it into a pattern finally. I just wish her designs didn't have such high necklines.
A maxi dress pattern with cup sizes! Hooray!


  1. I have a pattern from 1970 for a shift dress with that Star Trek cutout that I was planning to make this summer. Guess it won't be out of place!

    I love those gores on the C.R. dress pattern too.

  2. I like (although I don't sew or wear) steampunk clothes. I agree, the skirt on the right is not bad, but I think it's too much to add ruffles to the bottom. The upper skirt should be the essential point. I like the bolero too. The red one is good start for something Anna Valerious-like (from Van Helsing). Do you know what I like the most of this style? The tiny hats, with or without veil. :)

  3. Love that Maxi Dress, and the seam details on the Cynthia Rowley pattern are awesome

  4. Seriously in love with that Cynthia Rowley pattern!

  5. The Project Runway one is CALLING MY NAME!!! Let's see how long I can resist...

  6. You're right, the "steampunk" patterns are horrible. But that maxi is calling my name....

  7. All very promising- minus the rehashed corsetry- I'm all about some Cynthia Rowley it seems lately!


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