19 February 2012

Simplicity Spring Patterns Are Here!

I'm particularly excited because they've started collaborating with Leanne Marshall, who won Project Runway way back with her gorgeous petal layering techniques.
 I need, need to make the purple and yellow dresses. They're gorgeous.
There are also new Lisette patterns, but with the exception of this bag pattern, I've become sort of disenchanted with that line. They all seem to be made for women whose body type is the opposite of mine - tall and slender.
 Other than that there were some ugly pants...
I wasn't wowed by any of the Project Runway patterns, nor the Cynthia Rowleys (although they at least are closer to something I might wear). That said, there were lots of cute kids clothing patterns, but I have no one to sew those for. This pattern caught my eye, but not for the skirt...I really liked her hairdo! I made it supersize so you can see it better.


  1. The two leanne marshall patterns are gorgeous!

  2. oohhh..Love the Leanne Marshall ones too (though I would definitely be adding a lot of length to those dresses...lol!)

  3. I love the Lisette pattern. They sew up so well!

  4. Thanks for pointing these out. I adore the purple/yellow twist neck Leanne Marshall dress. I have a blue linen that would work perfectly for that dress....


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