09 February 2012

Rockabilly Dream Wardrobe

I started my UFO for the Sew Weekly challenge this week, but apartment sitting and being sick for a week have left me with no energy to put the last sleeve on! In the meantime I've been occupying my thoughts with the rockabilly wardrobe I would like to make my next big  undertaking. I've many patterns from the '40s and '50s that have languished while I've been improving my skills on other projects. So what do I need?
Perky Blouses! I seldom have luck with blouses - the whole gapping problem - and collared shirts tend to make my already short neck even shorter.
This PDF pattern from Mrs. Depew Vintage had a nice wide open collar. Plus it is only $5!
...and with that blouse I would need some full, breezy skirts.
This $8 pattern from Hela Q's Vintage Patterns would fit the bill nicely. Prints, solids, trims...there's a lot you could do with it! And of course I'll probably make another bandanna skirt (in red?). Come to think of it, I'd love to do it as a sew-along since it is easy and quick.
Of course, several sundress/bolero sets are a must! I have so many of these patterns.
 These are all available at Various Oddities.

Now if I was truly a rockbilly gal, I would be drooling over this pattern up for sale on Ebay. And I am, but not with the intention of ever making and wearing such a garish outfit! It's like a band uniform gone awry.


  1. Circle skirts are ridiculously fun and easy to make. And I'd so be up for a bandana skirt sew along. :)

  2. like a band outfit gone awry...but in a *good* way :-)


  3. Oh, how fun! That blouse really is cute! I wouldn't mind a few more rockabilly influences in my wardrobe, either... I have at least one peter pan collared cherry blouse on my to-sew list. :D


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