29 February 2012

BMV Patterns II

Today I'm posting the new McCalls patterns that have caught my eye. I think this is the first collection I've seen from them where I've liked more than one or two patterns. Although I found the children's pattern photos perplexing. Farm animals standing on the heads of small humans?
This dress is very sweet and the model is definitely channeling Miss Zooey Deschanel, which is always a plus in my book. But all those seams? What a nightmare for someone who already has so many fitting issues. I also can't decide if I like or hate the asymmetrical skirt hem.
Pardon my french, but comment charmante, cette robe! The upper left one is just lovely in a 1960s way and the version with the ruffles is kind of cute too, although you would never know in the print they used.
I avoid shirtdresses, even though I like them, largely because of the gappage factor. Those of you who have to FBA know what I mean. But this one comes with separate pattern pieces for different cup sizes! Hallelujah!
Ruffles would probably enhance my bust in a bad way, but it looks darling on the model...
This doesn't really fall into my usual style, but I actually love this type of shirt (the view on the model). They are great in summer with shorts because they're flattering but not clingy, especially when made in rayon jersey. Perfect for the humid weather.
I love a good flowy, wide-leg pant as it oozes classic style, although maybe not in sweatshirt heather grey. Plus it has a yoke, cute pleats and pockets. My one problem with this pattern is the elastic waist in back. Lazy sewing!
Maybe it's just me but I've always drooled over clear raincoats. Practical, but you still get to see your outfit underneath! How hard is it to sew through that stuff?
If I had a little girl, she would have several pairs of those tiered bellbottoms. They are all that is groovy.
Flowers for those of us dreaming of millinery.


  1. I quite like those wide trousers too, even though I've lived through the '80s and swore I would never wear pleated pants again! I would totally redraft to remove the elastic waist too.
    That caftan top is the '60s Tablecloth top! see here on my blog: http://anothersewingscientist.blogspot.com/2011/10/lounging-around.html
    I joked about making one, but now it doesn't seem so ridiculous!

  2. I bought the pants and raincoat patterns - I've always loved the clear raincoats! Maybe we should tackle that sewing adventure together??? I plan on modifying the pants - I hate the idea of adding elastic in the back - maybe a drawstring all around?

  3. I must be entering my second or third childhood, 'cuz I am seriously considering adding ruffles to the bottom of floweredy bellbottoms for myself. Someone stop me, please! Vinyl is not hard to sew through if you use tissue paper between it and your feed dogs, and between it and your presser foot. Remember to waterproof your seams before wearing the coat out in actual rain. Unless you like being wet under a heat-holding garment ... some people do. (Not I, by the way.)

  4. Huh. A clear raincoat. Why have I never seen that before? It must have been thought up by a clever genius! We should have a sew-along! (If I can find any of that clear stuff...) :D

  5. I think I quite like the asymmetrical hem in the first dress. Oh and raincoats! I must make one this year! Nicely picked patterns!


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