28 January 2012

Skirt Cure

I am still experiencing insecurity about proceeding with my macaron. It took me hours to put in half of a gusset and I'm questioning whether I was able to make one big enough to even make any difference. Bah!
So I am going to break one of my New Year's Resolutions (to finish what I've started before moving on to another project) and make up a hopefully quick and easy project that will boost my sewing confidence back up. Hopefully I will then be able to have two finished projects by the end of January. Really, it's just too cold to sew more than that. I picked this skirt and some sulfur-yellow peachskin from Joann.
The elastic waistband was a bit of a turn-off, but I like how the tie in view C covers it, and the various versions I saw on PatternReview.com convinced me it would work:
Isn't this cross between the shorts/skirt cute? 


  1. I just bought this pattern, too, and I was hesitant at first for the exact same reasons! I do love the View C, and I especially love the cross between the shorts and skirt - I may need to try that. I'm excited to see your version!

  2. this pttern look great, this will be on the top of my summer list! I hope you gain the confidence, but you will always have a skirt too!


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