24 August 2011

If I Only Had a Decade

Yes, this week is 70s week over at the SW! FINALLY! My project is fairly tame in comparison to some that have already been put up. I did take a looksee in one of my 70s Simplicity Home Catalogs and did some pretend shopping. Let's see what I "bought", eh?

Wild West Trip: Part 2

I present proof to you that it was, indeed, below freezing the previous night that we spent in a tent.
 Breakfast time!
 My aunt, playing at naturalist with our flower field guide.
The dandelions there are seriously huge.
Next stop, Loon Lake!

23 August 2011

Wild West Trip: Part 1

I am back from Wyoming! I am breaking this up into multiple posts because there are quite a few photos. A quick summary: for 4 days my aunt and I went on the Grand Teton Wagon Train and Horse Adventure (which I highly recommend) and then we spent several days in Jackson, WY and the national parks of Grand Teton and Yellowstone.
Here comes the wagon train!
My aunt and I.
The authentic tipi range tents we slept in.
 Our guide, Jeff, and crew member, Miranda, doing Horses For Dummies.
A warning from a bear.
Buddy, the luckiest dog in the world. He spends his days running in the mountains and getting dirty.
 Hiking at 9000 ft.
Cowboy songs, poetry and jokes.

14 August 2011

SESA 2: The Conclusion

Before I could start a post about Fall Essentials Sew Along, I obviously needed to write this very overdue post.
So at the time, I thought I had sewn a lot of stuff. And I guess I did, but not as much as I has hoped (who does?) But technically it was 8 weeks worth of SW projects, so not too bad. I didn't stash-bust (2/7) as much as I had hoped, but I did find more affordable fabric options overall. I also tried a lot of new things: very silky fabric, knits, trims, menswear and pants!
Categories fulfilled: Clam diggers & co (1), Sundress (2), Tees Tunics and Blouses (3). Categories I Made Up: Menswear (1), Bags (1)
P.S. - I still have no photos of the shirt I made for my dad, be patient!

Simplicity 2418
 Really, the best dress a girl could ask for.

New Look 6895
I love it, but the neckline is WAY too low. As in, I could possibly be arrested for it. So, still working on it.

 Simplicity 2364
Love the pattern, don't love the colors of the fabric, but it was a stashbust, so oh well. 

Colette 0003
Another stashbust. The linen was too heavy in the end for the weather, but it will be nice in autumn.

Butterick 4022 (1974)
This I wear frequently, which is good because the fabric was a tad on the expensive side, for me. 

 Simplicity 2373
 Even though I don't wear them a lot, because they are hard to match to, they were a very good first pants pattern. All my hard work on the alterations will go towards some good basic pants for autumn.

Simplicity 2381
Absolutely the most useful item I have ever made. I use it every single day!

11 August 2011

That's a LOT of Pink!

I apologize, clearly I have been too much out of the loop. While taking a walk today I decided to bring up the idea of a Fall Essentials Sew Along to Ali at Wardrobe, ReImagined. I even thought I would be so ambitious as to offer to host it if she was too busy.
Note image on the right hand side!
Apparently this has already been done. At least I can participate in it by sewing for my ALL TIME FAVORITE SEASON :)

Anyways, I've been spending all my time putting together costumes for Othello, which included making a wedding dress from t-shirts, which was nixed in the end. I had to take a break on Tuesday, however, for the promo photo shoot for Pinkalicious.

05 August 2011

It's A Party Dress!

Today we finished off my birthday celebrations by going to Newport. We intended to see a Doris Duke sports clothes exhibit, but it is only open on Saturdays. So we moseyed on over to the Cliff Walk (beautiful and free).

 The big reveal! My birthday dress! I made it way back in May out of my favorite, Simplicity 2418 (a top and tunic, but I lengthened it into a dress).

02 August 2011

Happy Birthday to Me and Embroidering the Othello Handkerchief

So yes, my birthday is on Friday. Also, Oona is hosting a virtual birthday party of her own that day, so go check it out. I already went out for my birthday dinner with my dad to a restaurant called Cuban Revolution, which I highly recommend. There are two in Rhode Island and one in North Carolina (it doesn't make sense to me either). It is themed to have an air of 1950s Cuba, which means I finally got to have an Egg Cream. Yum yum! Plus I saw a lady actually dressed up as Marilyn Monroe.

I am both sad and happy that I will continue to be swamped with theatre stuff for the rest of the month. It is nice to have work and hang out with people I like and make cool things for them but that leaves very little time to make cool things for me (such as my Gatsby dress, ahem, ahem). On top of that I'm not even here for two weeks because I'm away on vacation! This means I've been hard at work on my Othello renderings. While still set in modern day Cyprus, it is meant to be somewhat timeless and placeless, if that makes sense.
Last, but not least, I spent 6 hours yesterday embroidering the handkerchief that is the cause of all the trouble in Othello. I was lucky that it was a napkin, with a design already embroidered on it, which I went over in color. I was unlucky in that my embroidery hoop screw is missing and I had no embroidery floss, only plain thread. If anyone blows their nose in it, I will be very angry, because it is now about a $300 handkerchief!

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