29 July 2011

Pinkalicous Costume Progress

This is how the Pinkalicious pink fairy princess dress has progressed. Camp finally ended today, so the sewing will be a bit quicker now, not to mention my August 9th deadline. It is coming along better than I expected, hooray!

26 July 2011

PatternReview.com Featured Member

Today I am a featured member on the patternreview.com website! That means that if you go there are scroll down, on the right hand side you will see my picture with a link to my profile. Neat, huh? Pattern Review is possibly the site I visit the most in regards to sewing, so I was pretty excited!
That reminds me, I took advantage of JoAnns Butterick sale last weekend and picked these up:
I am dying to make the women's medieval dress as I want to go to a Renaissance Faire this fall, but I doubt that I have the time.

19 July 2011

Peter Rendering

I know, not quite as exciting as a pink fairy princess costume!
Sadly, camp is leaving me much more tired than I anticipated. Last night I went to bed at nine and got up at six - that's nine hours of sleep, which for me is a LOT. I actually woke up around 4:30 because I had gone through a cycle of sleep. Anyways, I had intended to work on  the Pinkalicious costume, bits and pieces wise throughout the week but I think it will get crammed into Friday and Sunday. So keep an eye out!

14 July 2011

Pinkalicious Progress: Pink Stinks

As you know I am on semi-hiatus here during July. However, I have started doing renderings for "Pinkalicious" the musical. I have learned three things. 
1. Being someone who strongly dislikes pinks makes it very hard to buy pink fabric.
2. Most pink fabric that is not silk or cotton has a sort of grey dingy quality if you look closely.
3. Pink is THE HARDEST COLOR to represent truly in a drawing/painting.
As evidence, I present my pink fairy princess rendering:

This is highly photoshopped and will forever remain my least favorite rendering. I own two shades of pink paint and ONE pink colored pencil. None in the shade I needed. Therefore I tried to mix them and ended up with purply pinks, dingy peach pinks and fuschia. I even tried to use a pink highlighter but that was a huge mistake. I even couldn't get the silhouette quite right. It was supposed to look like this:
Plus this:
The other rendering I managed to finish was of Pinkalicious first outfit in the book.
This one is better, but still photoshopped because my scanner is broken. Therefore I had to photograph it and it was oddly dark at the top. I hope to make this out of one of those '90s maternity look sack dresses, if I can find one. When you actually need one, the thrift stores don't have any in stock.

The only other item of interest for today is I remembered my friend took this photo of me in my groovy 1970s pants that I sewed a few weeks ago. I am holding an invisible martini, by the way, because I am a classy 1970s society lady. Made from Simplicity 2373.

07 July 2011

Semi-Hiatus and MishMash

I can't believe I didn't see it before: in the knitting/crocheting world, the cowl has become the modern poncho! Don't believe me? Take a look at this cowl on sale for Etsy and see what you think.
Anyways, the real point of this post, besides showing you a lovely piece of crochet work is to declare a sort of summer hiatus here at WWNDW. It is that time of year, where, despite my yen to begin fall sewing, the heat literally takes the wind out of my sails. We don't have air conditioning and New England summers can be brutally hot and humid. I'll probably do a bit here and there sewing and craftwise but nothing that will substantiate to a whole project, I imagine.
In a week I begin work at camp, which will leave me absolutely exhausted by 5 in the afternoon when I am done with my final camp duty of bus monitor. As for the first week of August, not only is it my birthday on the 5th, but I begin work costuming two shows simultaneously, something I have not yet done. One, "Pinkalicious", is a musical based on a kids' book and the other is "Othello", which I hope needs no explanation. So while the rest of you will be making cute plaid wool skirts and the like I will be worrying myself over costumes, because the last two weeks of August will be spent on vacation (Yay!). To summarize, I will post very little the rest of June, and any posts in August will probably be costuming stuff, you know, renderings and such. And there will be knitting! Because once it is too hot to sew, knitting becomes my final crafty outlet besides the occasional drawing. Didn't know that I'm an artist too? Here's proof! This was a gift to my old hairdresser. It belongs to me, don't steal it.
Now that I've rambled on for a million years, I'm going to ramble on some more. For one thing, the final Harry Potter comes out NEXT WEEK! I'm really sad it is in the summer because it is too hot for a costume, or to even knit anything like I did last time. I am knitting, as I said before, Lion Brand's "Mixed Message Scarf". I finally learned cables and I'm glad I did because they're so stupidly easy. I'd love to start a cardigan or sweater because I got a 6 skeins of Caron Country for 97 cents apiece the other day but I can't find a pattern that works for me. It stinks that everything is made for circular needles nowadays because I don't like the generic ones and the all metal ones are expensive.

01 July 2011

Sewing Through the Decades: That 70s Blog

After sewing my Gypsy Caravan Pants, I think I may be ready to move on out of the 1970s and into another decade. It may just be all the Cherry Ames nursing novels and Rick Brant science adventures, but if my recent pattern purchases are any indication I may be meandering into the 1940s. Fear not, those who were in favor of the Gunne Sax dress. I will make one, but for the moment, my purse is shot and a fitted bodice will be much better in September weather.
 I very much wanted to participate in the Sewing Through the Decades Challenge, hosted by Debi and Sarah, but when they first started it I felt that I couldn't pick just one decade and I didn't want to do one from each decade either. I unwittingly have half completed the 1970s as a decade!
Sadly, I retired this dress because of my poor fabric choice: flannel. It was too hot for spring and stockings clung to the hem in the winter. It also grew a bit shapeless. I got it in a smaller size recently and maybe I'll try it again soon. I also have a whole 'nother one cut out and half-sewn from last September!

I'll have to get other photos, but I made the bloomers, or as they call them, panties, from this pattern 3 times. Once for myself, two as gifts. My sister made the left view in lavender polka dot, her first sewing project ever. Brings a tear to my eye.

 My first foray into regency-inspiration.

For the MPB Men's Shirt Sewalong.

I love this dress and pattern! It takes only 3 hours to make, therefore I have already made it twice. Expect a red one for the fall, tee-hee.
 Again, I have no photographic evidence of making this. I gave it away to my sister because it was a bit on the stiff side.
Also retired these shorts, after they shrunk in the wash :(

As for filling in the blanks...I own no 1978 or 1979 patterns, boo. But I can fill in the other two years easily. I already have patterns and fabrics for both!
 Not only do I have the fabric for this, I even have a muslin molding in the back of my closet somewhere! It is basically ready to go!
 I have LOADS of patterns from 1975 and 1976, but since I already have the fabric (and it is in my fall sewing plan) to make this one I will probably stick to this one for now.

In addition, I have some "bonus projects" planned...including a quilted bag and maybe a quilted skirt from my 1970s quilting books. My dad's birthday present is also from a 1970s pattern and will be done by next week. Basically, I just can't get enough of the 70s.

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