29 June 2011

Simplicity 2011 Early Autumn Patterns

Or, what I will be buying during the next JoAnn Pattern sale, which is practically upon us!
Pretty much buying this for the cardigan pattern!
 I am curious to see how good the "petite" option on this is, especially with the different cup sizes.
I very much like the cowl neck/wrap bodice version of this, but I can't understand why it isn't made for knits. Boo.
I can't decide whether or not I like the velvet cardigan in the bottom view. Part of me thinks ooh, ren-fair and medieval-ness and the other part just questions my fashion inspiration completely.
Just in case there is ever a musical about bellydancers. There probably is and I just haven't yet heard of it.

The rest of these are not new patterns, but ones I need to stock up on for costuming purposes.
Hooray for Victorian and Steampunk! I love the first one, it is droolworthy.
I approve of anything pirate-y. It really is awesome that they are making more historic mens' costume patterns.
I really like these colonial patterns. I've got some bicentennial vintage ones, but they're either very complicated or much too simplified. Of course, there are about 50 other costume patterns that I really should pick up, but I think the limit is 10 per person!

20 June 2011

MMJune: 14-19

MMJune photo taking has not been going well. My family was getting a little cranky, so I took hardly any photos this week. I'm also only just over my cold, so I wasn't always up for it either.
14 June
The Outfit: Dress - Simplicity 2591
Worn to work.
Pros: The fit is heavenly. We had a cold snap for a few days (I even had to dig out a pair of tights) so this worked well. Also, pockets are good, and it pairs up cutely with a peasant blouse for a Sound of Music dirndly look.
Cons: It really is more of a cool weather dress and probably won't be worn again until October. I also may have made it too fitted, as it rubs a little in the armpits.
15 June
The Outfit: Jacket - Simplicity 2223
Pros: This dress has probably saved this jacket, which, despite the heavy-weight cloth, is really more of a summer style. I imagined a dress just like this would be good with it, to bring out it's historical feeling without being too over the top and voila, one appeared and I bought it!
Cons: I still don't love the jacket. I need to fiddle with the peplum a bit as it is too full for my taste. I think I will eliminate the back pleat. Also, the irony of the dress is that alone, to my costuming eye it looks an awful lot like underwear from the 1800s. Which is really neat, but then I feel like I'm wearing my underwear about!

 Bonus Outfit: Apron - Advance 7878 (1956)
Pros: I am actually wearing this apron a lot more than I thought. I don't cook often, but when I do I don't want to get dirty, so out comes the apron! Plus, it was recycled from a very bad apron-dress I made that was a total fail. And again, pockets! So useful!
Cons: None!

16 June
Pattern: Simplicity 2381
Fabric: Quilter's Cotton from JoAnn ($11)
Notions: 3 packs of 1/2" bias tape in seafoam green ($6)
Time: Probably around 10-15 hours...it was a lot of bias tape!
Pros: It filled my need for a new bag, as my tote bag had hit the dust, and it also fulfilled my wish for something with a Gunne Sax feel. I love the bag it is very cute and very sturdy. The tall and not-wide design keep everything organized. Plus, it is just the right size for a standard notebook! At points the reason behind the construction was unclear but in the end it all came together.
Cons: The first irksome thing in making this bag was not only did I buy 1/2" bias tape instead of the 1/4" it called for (an honest mistake), was that instead of the 1 package it called for I used three! It would have taken four if I had done the shoulder ties (they looked too big and poked my face). This meant lots of return trips to JoAnn. I also left out the inner pocket. Next, it instructs you to use fusible interfacing on all the outside pieces. This makes it sturdy, but it caused my fabric to pucker all over! It goes with the shabby look of the bag, so it was OK this time. It was also hard working with such big pieces of interfacing. They never came out exactly right and often made a fat wrinkle that was hard to get out.

17 June
 Sorry kids, you'll have to wait for tomorrow for this one! To give you a hint, I went to see Pirates 4 and had to wear them safety pinned shut because I couldn't finish them in time. I was literally hemming them as my parents were getting into the car for the movie. They're 60s/70s inspired, and just a little psychedelic.
18 June
 The Outfit: Top - Simplicity 2364
Yay for recycling...photos. This one is getting worn to work a lot, I think because in my mind it looks and feels more RTW and modern (probably due to what I am now calling The Knit Factor) than most of my clothing and, well, I work in a clothing store. Not that that stops me from wearing crazy clothes as well, but sometimes I like to blend in a little bit.
19 June
The Outfit: Top - Simplicity 7811
This is yet another recycled photo. I really don't wear it any other way, though, except I change the shorts. It still needs some tweaking, in my eye, although it has become my go-to for days when I am not working because I don't care if I get it a little dirty.

19 June 2011

Vintage Stitches: New Patterns for Sale

Besides re-listing my 1960s Veil Cap Repro patterns, I have begun listing some vintage patterns in my Etsy Shop, Vintage Stitches. Since my scanner is broken and I have to take all the pictures with my camera instead, it is taking a little long than I would like so keep checking back. I also plan on listing some dress repros from the 1930s.
By the way, if anyone has made one of my veil cap patterns and has photos, please let me know! 

16 June 2011

A Little Addicted: Quilting Books and Romeo and Juliet

If you glance at my bookshelf, you'll find it is kind of hodge podge. If you're a sewist, you will probably skip right to that section, conveniently at shoulder level. Then you will probably notice that about half of my "sewing" books are actually quilting books! Gasp, the horror!
I actually don't quilt. At least not yet, and if you don't count the t-shirt quilts I have made. But there are definite plans to start. I have 5 quilting books so far, ironically all from around the 1970s when quilting re-emerged as a popular art form.
Left: amazon.com Right: And Sew It Goes blog
This is the first one I owned, and completely by accident. My mother found it one day and asked if I wanted it. It is THE best quilting book I own, mostly because it is a biography of the title group with patterns included on the side. It is a fantastic read about how they influenced the re-popularization of quilting. Of course, the one thing I really want to make from it is one of the several quilted skirt patterns.
 I acquired this one yesterday at Savers. It is mostly traditional quilts, with 77 projects in total. I picked it up mostly for the "unusual" quilting projects they put in the back.
Also bought at Savers yesterday was this hilarious novelty. You can make anything from a crazy quilt tie for your man (look out, Jason!) to a nap quilt shaped like a tree. This one is good if you like ugly, crazy 1970s ephemera.
These two I bought at separate times...anyone know if there are any more in the series? These are both good for crazy home decorating. Think bright multi-colored comforters, zoo-themed sleeping bags, butterfly appliques and a couple of traditional quilts as well.
On that note, I leave you with a clip from "Reefer Madness", possibly my favorite musical ever. Set in the 1930s, Jimmy Harper is helping his girlfriend Mary Lane how to read Shakespeare. Because when a guy wants to woo a girl, he needs the right language!

14 June 2011

MMJ: Days 8-13

I've been bad about posting my photos daily, and I even missed one day's photo but at the same time I am doing better at a Me-Made-Month than ever. I also have yet to put up my Summer Essentials Sew Along list, but I'm making better headway than last year.
I am super excited because today is shopping day at JoAnns! I'm limiting myself to one trip a week although even once a week seems somewhat lavish in writing. I need to pick up bias tape and thread to finish trimming Simplicity 2381 (lower left view). My old 99 cent tote bag I bought in Quebec at the Gap is getting threadbare. Luckily, Gutermann threads are on sale!
I want to also find some printed cotton for my Gunne Sax dress, and they had a giant stripe cotton that I was thinking of making into some pants. Having somewhat cured my tops problem I am now lacking in bottoms now for MMJune. I'm hoping to make 3 more bottoms, probably one skirt, one pair of pants and another Ruby. OK, onto my Me-Made-June photos.  

I apologize, because it is a REALLY long winded post, but I promise it is worth reading! Why? Because it includes A&W, near wardrobe malfunctions and a run in between cheese dip and a white trench coat (that I was wearing).

Day 8: top - Colette 003, necklace - handmade by my best friend
I started out with my nicer ensemble of cream skirt and Sorbetto top for doing some sewing, but then switched to this because my mother took us to the beach for a picnic. It was in a historic district of Wickford, but check out the modern cement monstrosity behind my head! It is actually a house!
Pros: Is a good casual-dressy top, this beach look I did not like as much. No sleeves, so good in the heat.
 Cons: Has not magically lost it's boxiness.
Day 9: shorts - Burdastyle Ruby
This is the day I didn't get to take a photo because I worked 9:30-5 and then had to drive to Gloucester for CPR training from 6-9. I was late because I stopped at the A&W for supper and they were swamped, with only two workers. It is supposed to be an old-fashioned car-hop setup, but I risked life and limb through lightning, thinking that if I ordered at the window I might get my burger sooner. We'd been having some crazy thunder storms from the heat and I drove right into one.

Day 10: top - New Look 6895
Worn to work, after making pleats in the neckline on top of my shoulders to pull up the neckline. However, I still had to safety-pin it to my bra straps to prevent wardrobe malfunctions.
Pros: So light and cool! Also, I love the femininity of the neck ruffle. Can dress it up or down.
Cons: The armsceye is cut high, which means unfortunate sweat stains will happen. Also, see above note on safety-pinnage.
Day 11: top - Simplicity 2364
Pros: Can be worn in hot or cool weather (it dropped down to the 60s).
Cons: The colors aren't ideal on me...they are a little too light and close to my skin tone.
Day 12: dress - Butterick 4022 (1974)
Worn to my first ever Tonys Party! I sewed it the morning-of in 3 hours. I made this previously without the hood, and I have to say I didn't think I would love the hood as it closes up the neckline but I was wrong. It goes great with converse for a sportier look. Here;s my sad story: I brought cheese dip to the party in a casserole dish wrapped in a towel. I balanced the cheese dip on my hip only to find that when I got up to the party, it had tipped and leaked onion-stinky cheese grease ALL OVER the front of my WHITE trench coat and a tiny spot had leaked through onto my dress!
Pros: I love the hood and the comfort of knit fabric.
Cons: Because I chose a cotton-rayon blend, this version requires some serious undergarments - girdley underpants AND a slip.
Day 13: top - Simplicity 2415 (2010)
This was what I did after work! I was so tired from the party, as my usual bedtime is around 9:45 and I didn't go to bed until 2am both Saturday and Sunday night. Plus, I've got a touch of a cold. Boo.

12 June 2011

Gunne Sax Inspired

After sewing all week with quilter's cotton in regency-inspired stripes and roses and mauve paisley I have been thinking a LOT about those lovely prairie/regency/pioneer/peasant style dresses so popular at the end of the 1970s. Maybe someday, I will find these in my size.
*All images are from the Vintage Pattern Wiki unless noted*
Own it! And in my size.
Also just bought this one today. I already own it in a size 8, which didn't do me much good.

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