23 April 2011

Sew Weekly Challenge: TV Time

So for the last week of April, the challenge was to sew something based on a TV Character. I had so many ideas, so, so many. Mork and Mindy, Star Trek, Alias...I even had the pattern and fabric all ready to go for a Mork and Mindy dress but changed my mind because I'm pressed for time, what with my show going up next week. So, Three's Company won out, with Chrissy Snow being my specific inspiration.
The pattern (ironically also promoted by a TV star):
I'd already made the top twice and so this time around I made up the shorts.

 Fabric: Cotton broadcloth (shorts), old pillowcase (shirt), quilter's cotton (yoke of shirt)
Pattern: McCall's 5526, 1977 ($1.5)
Cost: About $5
Time: Approx. 4 hours for each
Pros: This pattern is super easy to make and very cute, for such a small amount of fabric (only 7/8 yd for the shorts!) The only closure is the fly front zipper and a button, which I replaced with a plain old snap. I'd never done a fly-front, and I have to say it was SO much easier than I expected! These are the ultimate pin-up style shorts, ladies, so if you need to make a pair, buy this pattern.
Cons: You almost can't sit in the shorts (no wearing ease here!), whereas the top is rather boxy in its roominess. You also should wear the shorts with control-top nylons (as seen in my photos) or a girdle if you're not built like Mary-Ann on Gilligan's Island. The lack of give in the shorts may be because I had to interline them and the fabric has NO stretch. I'd like to try making the pants in some stretchy twill I've got just to see. Lastly, the waistband instructions are most odd. I ignored them and had to re-do it a couple of times but it all worked out in the end.

11 April 2011

Sew Weekly Challenge: Kidding Around

I joined the Sew Weekly Sewing Circle awhile ago, and have been trying to keep up, even if I don't always sew the challenges. This week's challenge, however, has piqued my interest! You have to make something inspired by a childhood outfit. Now, I grew up in the lovely age of Laura Ashley and Mary Engelbreit so I've got LOTS of interesting outfits to choose from!
L to R: My cousin, Emily, Me, my Grammy.
However, I was thinking of using this one as an inspiration because I already own fabric that had reminded me of this dress ages ago, and I had wanted to make a dress out of it! Plus, I believe the original was made by either my grammy or my aunt. Want another matchy matchy set? You got it! Only this time it'll be Emily's and my younger sisters in our hand-me-down school dresses!
More, you say? You got it! These are all the photos I've got that are already on my computer of me as a young un' (for reference I was born in 1988).
I rather like the last one. I insisted that that was obviously how one wore one's hats...why would you put the bow in back where it could not be seen?

09 April 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

I swear this award just re-circulates every few months or so...I think this is the third time that I have received it (although someone gave it a bit of a face-lift since last time).This time it comes from Meg the Grand, whose blog I found through The Sew Weekly.
 I have a hard time coming up with things to say about myself, but whatever!
1. I still prefer wearing RTW clothes to my handmades when I go out. Traitor, I know! It is because I hate answering all the questions people ask about handmade clothes (and it is always the same questions) and being personally responsible for my design choices. I'm more of a blends-in-type.
2. I would like to expand my repro pattern line. I have tons of really awesome, very old patterns, that I think would sell but I really don't know where to start. I've done the veil and knitting patterns because I can scan them. Where would I get full scale ones printed?
 3. One of my favorite books is I Capture the Castle. I keep it in my car in case I have to wait anywhere a long time so I can read it.
 4. My UFO for the Sew Weekly challenge last week was improving this dress. Made in 2008 from some 1960s pattern that was a size too big (I've gotten rid of it since then). White fabric is a quilter's cotton that says moo... all over it and the black fabric is a faux suede with a grid printed on it and polka dots in beige. It has one of those weird necklines that belongs in Star Trek.

I took it in in the sides, chopped off the long sleeves and belted it. I also removed the big button I had stuck on the front to hide the fact that the criss cross seams are a little uneven. Much improved! The only bad thing left is that the zipper pops up a bit in the back and that the faux suede does NOT BREATHE! Lesson learned.
5. I don't have a favorite decade. I like them all!
6. That said, I really want to sew something from the 30s. I've got lovely 1930s patterns but I am terrified to make any of them, because they seem harder to make, somehow.
7.  I just finished knitting this Ravelry pattern:

I'll try to pick new people to pass it on to:

02 April 2011

MMM31 and MPB Mens Shirt Sew-Along Conclusion

I don't have time to write my complete review of MMM this morning but overall it was a pretty big failure! It snowed the last day, so instead of me coming up with a pitiful outfit, Jason filled in and donned his just-finished MPB Men's Shirt Sew-Along shirt.
It is probably the best thing I have ever sewn...in regards to attention to detail and making sure I've done everything properly. The photo I took was just a quick shot, as it was raining outside.

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