08 December 2011

Scratch the Suit

As usual, I cannot keep a sewing promise. I looked and looked for a suit pattern that I really loved and found something else instead. A two-piece dress that really, really screams Joan Holloway from the Etsy store allthepreciousthings. Love at first sight, I ordered it all the way from Australia.
 I could see myself wearing a suit, just not long enough to count for anything! Blazers drive me up the wall, I only put up with my vintage plaid ones because, well, they are plaid.For some reason I just don't find them comfortable to wear at all.
Despite this change, I still want to thoroughly document the process behind making this. I am thinking a navy double knit with cream bow, and that is a fabric I have yet to use. Any tips anyone?

What else is on the sewing table? A printer cover for my Pop for Christmas, at his request. Also Simplicity 2180 in a quilter's cotton, possibly for something I have coming up on my social calendar. I loved Sarah and Debi's versions at the SW.
JoAnn had a spiffy print with keys all over it, but I don't think there was enough on the bolt, so I'm going in with pretty much NO fabric plan, eep! I'm wondering if I could ditch the zipper. After all, it has elastic in the back.


  1. I love the two piece, it is very Joan. I'm not one for suits either, and I reckon this will be pretty useful in your wardrobe.

  2. What fun dresses! I've got an ugly mole in the lower part of my back so those are out for me... But I do have daughters!
    LOVE that vintage suit too. You just don't get that kind of style anymore.

  3. Love, love, love that pattern! It will look so fabulous! And the Simplicity pattern is fun to make up (though definitely check the fit of the bodice first as it's meant to sit wide on the shoulders which sort of drives me crazy..hahahha) The pattern is well drafted and easy (if time consuming) to sew up. Can't wait to see your version!

  4. Oh my goodnes, that vintage pattern is fantastic! Gorgeousness! Can´t wait to see your version of it! :-)

  5. Ooooo....your version is going to be fabulous, I know!


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