06 November 2011

Thinking Ahead: The Suit

Of course, I am already dreaming of what I want to start sewing once Hairspray is finished. For the two job interviews I have had I dressed more business casual - a me-made pencil skirt with a conservative jersey top and low heels. However, I'd like to have a suit I can wear to interviews that I made just for me. Knowing that I might need to take a 4 hour bus ride to them, especially, because I can't be toting garment bags of sample work all over Boston and New York. So why not wear my big sample and then bring something smaller, like a hat and corset (also on the to-do list)?
This means a lot of research and culling through others blogs for tips and tutorials and what-not. For now, though, I'm going to have to be content sharing suit pattern images!
View 2 is a top contender, especially as I own this pattern! The peplum, the double-breasted style and the skirt with all the drape falling to the back? Love! Not that I wouldn't make some changes...lengthen the sleeves to half or 3/4, since the skirt is long and it will be winter when I am doing interviews. I would also open up the neckline, if I could.


  1. I'm not all that fond of the square shoulder pads, but the rest of the suit looks really lovely!

  2. Cute! I agree about opening up the neckline. I find a lot of vintage styles are really tight in the neck. (And I'm pretty sure I don't have a fat neck.)

  3. Whoops, incomplete thought... without the scary shoulders. It could be a nice look suit

  4. oooooh I like the thought of it with an open neckline.. It would be relatively simple to do, and would breka up the "bulk" that double breasts usually create. Very very cool- I'm starting a longish term suit project soon myself, for much the same reason! I'll be looking forward to seeing your other inspiration and progress.


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