21 October 2011

New York, A Little Late

So I am finally pulling back into the swing of things, especially after a successful Hairspray photo shoot yesterday. Fabulous dresses of sequins and marabou, towering hairdos and a vintage car! But that will have to wait for tomorrow, because today I am doing my long overdo NYC Sew Weekly Meetup Post.
Disclaimer: Some of these photos are not mine, they belong to other bloggers who went to the meet-up.
On September 30th, 2011 I got up at 4 in the morning to catch a bus to meet a bunch of people I have never met before and a few whose blogs I'd not even read. This was after a week of email problems resulting in me getting the final details the day before and also freaking out about what to wear. 
"But I didn't actually make it, I just altered it! It doesn't count!"
"So don't wear it. Wear this."
"Yes, but it doesn't exactly match the theme."
Thank goodness Oona decided for me and that was that. We actually arrived early in NYC and so I was at the restaurant first where I met the very chic Nettie of Sown Brooklyn. We stood around a little awkwardly, making small talk. By the way, it is very strange to introduce oneself under a name that one only uses for blogging. Just saying.
Meg, Me and Nettie
Then everyone seemed to show up at once! Including Mena's (founder of the Sew Weekly) daughter, Penelope, who really is the cutest thing you've ever seen. And of course Mena had made an amazing vintage dress as usual. Plus, I finally got to ask her how she manages to never put in zippers! Cindy of Crafter by Night was sewing on buttons on her way over, having made the Colette Patterns dress with all the buttons. We were all very impressed, particularly those of us who avoid buttons, because they mean buttonholes! Christine of DaughterFish was also chic (she and Nettie both wore boots, which in my mind = chic) in a cranberry colored wool skirt. When I saw one in the thrift store this week, I remembered how good hers looked and bought it immediately!
Christine, Cindy and Mena
Lunch at El Centro was so good, especially after that long ride. And Sangria! My absolute favorite.
Vicki, Christine, Cindy, Mena, Oona, Debi, Meg, Me and Nettie
Vicki of Another Sewing Scientist came all the way from Montreal via bus, so after that I couldn't complain about my own bus ride. Her Pendrell blouse was darling, I thought the fabric was Lily Pulitzer, but no, they were pillowcases. Love it! And really? A sewing scientist? She is living in my dream world, where I actually went for a degree in Atrophysics or Marine Biology and sew on the side. For fun, because I can actually afford it, you know.
 Me getting a little overexcited, Oona and Vicki
And Oona, Debi and Meg? Are there words to describe how amazing it was to meet them? Not in my vocabulary. Meeting Debi, who feels like my comrade-in-blogging (we started blogging about the same time), was great. I admire her sewing and style so much. Meg, who felt like an instant friend the second we met. And Oona is the funkiest gal I've ever met. By the way Oona, watch out, because I'm looking for internships and work in NYC. From there we went to a mini-park to do a pattern swap (which I suggested, in my effort to get rid of my get-rid-of pattern pile that had been growing.)
Oona, Christine and Me
Look at all these cool patterns! At first we all hung back, not wanting to be thought of as greedy by the other swappers. But once we got swapping, that was that.
Me and Puu of Puu's Door of Time (also, her envious red corduroy pants)
Mena took the more comfortable route and took a seat with the patterns
 What did I end up with? Sadly no 1978 or 1979 to complete my Sewing Through the Decades: 1970s - I always want to abbreviate that but STD looks bad!
Then we finally went in search of fabric! Huzzah! This involved a lot of maneuvering, because we made for a big group and sometimes left people behind at the stoplights.
I was told Peter of MPB would be showing up for this so at this point I was constantly looking around for him. Even my mom loves reading his blog! I count him among my sewing idols/celebrities. It was so exciting! And he didn't inspect my hem, something we were all fearing. We didn't want to be branded on his blog as the girl with the wonky hem.
Peter and I
 Our first stop was Paron fabrics, where I found some things I liked, then put them back because I was unsure, then went to get them again and couldn't find them. Beautiful silks, poplins, etc. Oh well. I ended up with a really spiffy purple microfiber that feels like a very thin polished cotton, $7/yd.
 The group. Check out how weird my ruffles were looking at this point!
Next stop, Chic fabrics. I must have bought the rest of my fabric there because I remember my tote bag being overflowing by our next stop, which was coffee. At Chic I bought 3 yards apiece of these knits in the photo, because they were $4/yd, not the $14/yd JoAnn charges for their not very pretty knits. The gold and blue one has permanent pleats in it. I also purchased wool coating which will be discussed further down in the post.
I don't even know how someone took this photo. Were they on a ladder?
Finally, coffee time! Or tea if you are me. We went to the delicious Dean and Deluca's which was right across from the bus station. I got to talk to Peter for a moment, but really everyone else wanted Peter-time too, so we had to limit ourselves.
Debi, Puu and Oona
 Me, Oona and Cindy
 Meg, Mena and Nettie
 Nettie and Vicki
After all that, it was off to the notions stores! It was hard not to buy a zipper taller than myself, but really, when am I going to sew a sleeping bag?
Now I wished I had gone in this store, as well as Spandex World, since I am doing Hairspray.
My last purchase was at Tinsel Trading Company, which would have been bigger if I had any millinery projects lined up. Instead I ended up with two blue suede leaf cut-outs to go with my wool, which was $10/yd. I had been planning a wool capelet to use with my elk antler buttons, but now I'm thinking a belted jacket with the leaves on the lapels might get worn more.

Then it was time to say goodbye. My bus would leave soon, and as tempting as it was to stay, I couldn't afford another ticket, not after all that fabric shopping. So I made everyone take photos with me.
I was a little tired by this one, forgive my expression. I was sad to be missing out on dinner!


  1. Wow it looks like all of you had so much fun. Perhaps next time I'll fly up from NC. I don't think I could do the bus from here.

  2. i still can't believe you walked all the way back to the bus station with that super-heavy (and full of goodies) bag!

  3. Great to see all the photos together in one post! And as I said in my post, it was great to meet everyone in person and see that they really do exist.... although there were some surprises, I have to say: Peter is younger looking than on his blog (I guess his hair looks darker IRL?), Oona is not as loud as I expected from her online persona and who would have guessed that behind that cheerful exterior, Meg is a brain-eating zombie who spent all day trying to eat our craniums??? You never can tell, can you?

  4. That looks like fun, I will go if there's ever one in Chicago! And yeah, STD's- 1970s would sound like you had other plans in mind, lol!

  5. YAY! Love to see the photos again!! It was SO FABULOUS meeting you! xoxoxoxo

  6. So I'm not the only girl who thought about studying Astrophysics in high school, awesome! :)
    Looks like you had an incredible amount of fun on that trip! I'm so jealous! Not living in the US means probably never going to meet all those wonderful people... Love your peacock dress btw, and that wool is so pretty!

  7. Whoa! Bringing it all back! These pictures are great! I think you should move to New York asap and design some crazy-awesome costumes for Broadway:) Great to meet you!


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