24 October 2011

Hairspray Photo Shoot

Now that my NYC post is done, I can move on to other posts. These photos are from the Hairspray photo shoot the other day. I didn't actually make the dresses they are sporting, my work that day was more of a stylist than a designer. My friend Linda did a fabulous job with the wigs and makeup, as usual.
Edna Turnblad (Matt), me and Tracy Turnblad (Tori - you may remember her from Pinkalicious)
Guess what I am sitting in? A vintage car! We used one in the shoot, and I got to ride it to the location. Good thing I had my retro sunglasses!


  1. Oh, those are gorgeous outfits!

  2. i like *your* outfit the best, lisette. red shoes FTW! and those sunglasses! :-)


  3. I love your pose with the car ... looks like the two of you were meant to be together!

  4. Huh, how cool! Love those wigs and outfits! Also, vintage car love!

  5. Whoa. Those are some seriously funky stitches they're in!
    LOVE that car!


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