29 September 2011

This Always Happens To Me

Let me preface this by saying that I am the sort of person who shows up for events on the wrong day. I tried to go to a Doris Duke exhibit, but failed to notice they don't run it on Sundays, for example. Stuff like that.
I am going to the Sew Weekly meet-up in NYC tomorrow. There were email problems so I only got the details last night. I also didn't figure out that A Rose in Spanish Harlem was the theme until then as well. It was listed as a theme, but that theme is not actually until next week. I don't like when they sew a week ahead!
My Spanish Harlem challenge plans revolved around chopping off a very long hem on a '90s rayon rose print dress and repairing my petticoat. Together they look AWESOME. But it isn't something I've actually made, just altered.

For NYC I was going to wear my I Am Not An Actress Dress or the Peacock Dress, for a few reasons:
1. It will be on the warm and sunny side that day.
2. I have shoes that match AND that I can walk a pretty good distance in.
3. I made it, I like the way I look in it and I think my sewing skills really come through on them.

However, the first is more Star Trek than Spanish Harlem and the second, well, is just not Spanish Harlem either. I have fretted about this all morning. Sewing something isn't an option - I'm not the sort of person who can make something in a day because I want quality in my sewn garments. I want a perfect fit, linings, hand-finishes, self-bias edgings, etc. Plus I have no money for new fabric.

What to DO?!


  1. I think you look especially fantastic in the peacock one, but take witch ever you feel best in! Have fun in NYC! Wish I could be there too! :-)

  2. girl, wear that peacock dress! stick one of the to-be-provided flowers in your hair, grab some hoop earrings, and you're DONE!

    i sent the final details both to your email address & at your sew weekly profile, just to be safe-- lemme know you got it!

  3. ps: don't be fooled by sun. it's been rainy and/or wet for 2 weeks straight here...

  4. top one looks lovely, stop fretting! When I met up for the London SW, I was the only one that had to change from my outfit because although I liked it I didn't feel comfortable in it all the time. During the day it didn't matter, I still had a fab time!

  5. i think you made the right call on the peacock dress--it did show off your sewing skills to perfection! hope you made your bus in time!


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