04 September 2011

SW: That 70s Sew

First, I'd really like to thank Debi for interviewing me as part of the Sewing Through the Decades challenge that she and Sarah are hosting. Now I can cross "be interviewed" off my bucket list!
Next, this post is a little late due to the fact that Hurricane Irene came in and messed up my sewing plans! I was in the middle of finishing my skirt for the 70s Sew Weekly Challenge (we need more of those, I think) when the power went out. We lost electricity, phone and running water for most of the week but since my family is the type that wishes they got to be on Pioneer House, we really enjoyed it. We did, however, have a few sad days where it seemed my sister's cat had either run away or gotten eaten by coyotes, but four days later he came back!
Once we got power back I was finally bale to finish my skirt, which I have dubbed the Velma Dinkley skirt.
From velmadinkley.com 
I had some abstract keyboard print fabric in brown tones, but I wanted to make sure I had the fit right, so when I started this project two years ago, I made a muslin out of a brick red fabric with tan flowers and dotted waves. When I returned to the project last week, I realized the keyboard fabric wouldn't show off the pleats well, so I decided to finish the muslin. 
Obviously, I don't have the bangs or the knee socks. I looked high and low for a pair but they were not to be found!

Fabric: From my mom's stash, a lightweight home decorator's polished cotton (free)
Pattern: Simplicity 5804 (1973) View 1
Notions: Zipper ($1.30?), grosgrain ribbon (free)
Time: Unsure...
Total Cost: $1.30 
Changes Made: I had to chop several inches off each side to get it to fit right. All the darts and lengths where the pleats were sewn down were shortened by two to four inches. Instead of a waistband, I decided to try a grosgrain ribbon facing. I will never make a waistband again! I am so shortwaisted that the bulk of even a very skinny waistband is too much. The ribbon facing also makes a tucked-in top look much neater, to me.
Pros: It fits me so well! More proof that I should always make a muslin. It could also double as being from the 1940s, since I left it longer.
Cons:  It needs a slip or lining because the pleats stick to my legs and each other.

 I love how well the pleats hang! I would highly recommend this pattern. Now I just need to make one in plaid for myself.


  1. YAY! LOVE this skirt!!! Thanks for participating in the interview--that was really fun! I love all your creations!

  2. Very adorable on you. You are the cutest thing!!

  3. velma is my FAVE!! your outfit is perfect-- and gah those tights... i'd love to see that grosgrain waistband. it sounds fabulous, i have the same issue with them.

    i'm so happy you're coming to the shindig!!!!!

  4. Velma!!! Love, love, love it!!!!

  5. I absolute adore this sytlish outfit you pulled together -and what a great fall vibe! Congratulations for a complete and smashing success!

  6. I love your skirt it's fantastic. You are doing so well with your sewing and I found you over on Debi's blog as I follower her and have so much enjoyed her blog too. Nancy Drew I have a big collection of the originals with dust jackets.

  7. I so love the skirt. I was just thinking today that I should try to make a pleated skirt, and yours looks great!

  8. Velma was always the best? Pfft, Daphne who?!

    Your stockings are really sweet, too x

  9. LOVE the skirt - the fabric is a great color for Fall, and the pleats turned out really well!


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