03 September 2011

SW: Skipping School

 That's right, I'm skipping out on the "school" aspect of the week's Sew Weekly challenge, as much as it pains me. I imagined kilts, capes and 40s jumpers, all in lovely, wooly plaids. Totally inappropriate, weather wise. Now, I don't live in Cali like Mena does. I don't live in the South either! I live in New England, which you would think would be with the program come September 1st, but no, we get Indian Summer until October. Therefore, any such items sewn would not work for SSS '11. So I took a UFO I had sewn last year for SSS, then finished in Spring but never posted. Yeah, I'm doing a lot of cheating on my SW lately.

The fabric is an amazingly light cotton-type plaid, and look how well I matched up those chevrons! The back doesn't look as nice, as I had to cut it all in one piece because I was stash-busting and just didn't have enough fabric. 

 Since I couldn't do a real autumn-school theme, I went for some good old California Dreaming...I used a pattern from 1976 and pretended that I was attending college on the sunny West Coast.

Fabric: Free, cotton?
Pattern: Simplicity 7377 (1976)
Notions: Vintage zipper ($0.69)
Time: Unsure...
Total Cost: 69 cents!
Pros: It is plaid? I love plaid!
Cons: The back looks unflattering because I couldn't re-do the chevrons. It also is too long despite a lot of hemming and the waistband is too big, so I've been wearing it safety-pinned. However, the sides also match up amazingly well, which was good, because I planned it that way. Look at that! You can't even tell there is a side seam! SSS '11 is off to a good start!


  1. The matched up chevrons are awesome! Also, I love those shoes.

  2. Love the chevrons, a very effective use of the plaid, and the skirt looks really cute with your shoes too.

  3. Very cute, I'm totally amazed by the matching plaid chevrons! Also, cute shoes! :)

  4. Love the chevrons and the shoes!! The necklace is also divine :)


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