11 September 2011

On the Lookout For Knit Tops

I lost my Simplicity 2364. Not my pattern, but my actual shirt that I made from it. Sad, because I think it is the only knit top I've sewn. Of course, now I have the excuse to make a new one! I want to make several knit tops because that is mostly what I wear to my jobs. The dress codes range from business casual to whatever you want. I've already got this one on my Fall Essentials Sew-Along plan.
 Then, this morning I found a McCalls pattern (6435) that I actually like as well!
I like the illustrated versions better than their mock-ups, which seem a little 90's skanky to me. Monochromatic cutesy pink or black mesh...hm, which would I choose?
The real problem is that JoAnns knit fabric selection is not very good. It has some OK plain colors, but they are $14.99 a yard! I found some really nice combinations on Fabric.com for much cheaper, and that fit in with my Fall Palette.
OK, orange didn't actually make the cut, but it is one of my favorite colors. Sadly, it has to be just the right carroty orange to look good with my pinky-yellow complexion.
Egads, prints on prints? I may be taking a cue from Oona's style.
Do you have any knit top patterns that you love? I'd love to pick up some more.


  1. I'm areally fan of knit fabric, but you don't get so many nice patterns. I do like the top greay version though.

  2. Oh, that McCalls pattern is darling! It would be adorable in some of those prints you picked.

  3. My tnt is absolutely New Look 6922. Its so quick to make and very effective. I'm now on my second! I love knit tops so they are always welcome in my wardrobe. x

  4. I just think it's funny that at least one picture on each looks like a Star Trek costume! Why would you make it in butterscotch and then wear a black turtle neck under it? My god! LOL anyways, they sketches all look cute. Do you just zigzag them all or serge them?

  5. I love the yellow print with the grey polka dot! It would make a really cute bustier top!
    I've made a few knit garments, but used existing garments as "blueprints". It does mostly work, because the stretch factor forgives a lot of fitting issues, but sometimes it takes a few tries to get it right...

  6. I love the first blouse and the fourth pattern...but this is just my opinion :)


  7. What is the pattern number for the Simplicity "6 made easy" pattern? I really like that square neck.

    1. Simplicity 2852. I later made it and you can see it in this post: http://vintageorbust.blogspot.com/2014/10/fesa-completed-simplicity-2852.html


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