13 September 2011

The Costume From Hell

The giant bluebird costume base and lining have been cut out. OK, so maybe I am exaggerating an eensy weensy bit when I call this pattern such a title.
 I mean, so far it has been pretty straightforward. The body is made of fleece, so no fitting nor finishing edges. There aren't even any zippers, just velcro and a button. Plus, I don't have to make the hood or treat bag.
What's my problem, you ask?
 I have yet to cut out or sew any of the 160 feather pieces. Oh, and it means I'll be sewing View D of this Simplicity 2364 instead of making a gorgeous Gatsby dress. They didn't even have the color I wanted, so I had to buy white. I will be a bar-hopping Grecian-wannabe. It does serve some purpose, however - I am running out of clothes that I can wear to go out to bars and restaurants after Othello shows. Since I almost never go out, this has never been a problem with my wardrobe before!


  1. 160 feathers?!?! I think this is when you set a day aside, pop in Gone with the Wind (or something suitably long) and then just go all day. (If you have a whole day to devote to it.) I always feel better when I get to put a dent in something like this.

    Good luck!

  2. Whoa, flashback! I did a variation of this costume last year so I feel your pain on those feathers. I made a whole bunch, then still ran out, and had to go and make some more. In the end, it wasn't too painful. I made it a bit of a factory production line when it came time to sewing them. Just a pain in the tuckus. Here's the link to my owl cape that I made: http://www.whatsupcupcakeblog.com/2010/10/who-me-owl-costume.html
    Good luck with yours!

  3. LOL - ok, response to your comment on my page because I don't think it notifies you when I reply. 160 should (italics there) be ok. I know I did less because I wasn't doing the full costume, but what I did initially think would be enough, wasn't. I think I had to make another 30 more. I pretty much used every scrap of fabric I had. Just make sure you layout the feathers before you sew it to make sure your spacing is ok. That's where I encountered my problems. I had to keep laying it out until the spacing was just right to keep the gaps closed and to spread the number of feathers I had to their fullest 'potential' ;)

  4. *lol*
    That Simplicity top really is cute, though. I'm with Stephanie, just pop yourself in front of the TV and watch X-Men 1-3 or all Bond movies featuring Sean Connery or something... (you can see that my movie taste is slightly different... ;)

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