15 September 2011

47 Feathers To Go

Obviously, I didn't end up sewing a Gatsby project for SW. I'm too busy with theatre sewing and didn't have a picnic to attend. I did, however, remember to get a photo of one of my few SSS days I've done. I also wore a scarf I made one day, but didn't feel a photo was necessary.
Good old Simplicity 2373, my hippie pants! Worn earlier in the week while working on Simplicity 2364, my crazy faux-greek top. It remains unfinished, for now because I have more pressing sewing issues to deal with. Namely this:
 My arch-nemesis, Simplicity 2531. Really, if you are a mom and want to impress, make your kid this for Halloween. You could try and make a whole set for your family as suggested by the pattern cover, but you would probably sooner eat your sewing machine.
The above photo is my progress since last night. So far I have made 33 of the 80 feathers required. My shoulder is killing me, despite my use of my new rotary cutter (thank god for that birthday present!) My fingers hurt from clipping and I actually had to do a bunch of hand sewing because the layers of fleece got too thick to shove through my machine.
Also, the crotch is mysteriously at floor level. Hm.

Also, the lovely Tine of Sew On Trend gave me a Versatile Blogger Award!
The rules after accepting the Versatile Blogger Award are:
1. Thank the person who gave the award and link back to them in your post
2. Share 7 things about yourself 
3. Pass this award along to recently discovered blogs
1. I have two really cute little sisters. Well, not so little anymore, but you know.
2. My latest obsession is knit dresses. I bought two at Savers the other day. Maybe I'll make a few when I have time!
3.  I used to play the french horn and the trumpet and considered a music minor. 
4. Every day I learn that I know less and less about sewing than I thought I did.
5. My drinks of choice are Woodchuck Hard Cider and sangria.
6. I wish I had ballet flats in every color, I wear them all the time.
7. I can't wait for winter and Christmas! I'm already daydreaming about snow and cookie baking and presents. 
I would like to pass this award on to:
 Alessa of Farbenfreude


  1. Yay for progress! I think you need to find someone to give you a massage tonight. You deserve one.

  2. Wow! That is a lot of work- hang in there! :-)

  3. I just want to say that you are a total BA for conquering a pattern that calls for 80 feathers. Seriously - you are my hero! I'm sure the finished product will be amazing, and when it is, treat yourself to a massage and a cookie. Don't eat your sewing machine - bobbin cases are hard to digest.

    Thanks for the shout out!!! *SQUEEEEEEEEE* And amen to the Woodchuck Cider and sangria. Come visit - I'll buy you a drink :)

  4. Well, I don't envy you the work you have ahead of you, but that is going to be a VERY impressive costume!

  5. 80 feathers - you know you're crazy, right? ;) Although the costume *is* pretty awesome!

    Yay knit dresses! I just bought one and made another. I'm seriously commited to knit one this winter, too! (Um yes, I still need yarn, though...)

    And yay, thanks for tagging me! :)

  6. oh god lisette, maybe you can get your lovely sisters to help the feather factory?

    ps: i'm searching for your email, the 30th is definitely on and i'm putting details together today!

  7. hey girl! i've sent a couple emails, have you got them?

  8. EEEEK. wtf technology?! i just replied to your email and resent the info, lemme know if you got it!

  9. oh my god. okay, i hate to muck up the comment like this but i'm afraid if i reply to your email you won't get it! have you checked your spam/ junk mail?

  10. i'll reply here & on your blog and see which makes it through-- i messaged you earlier this afternoon at sew weekly, but i think you'll have to accept my friend request to see the message. who knew we weren't friends there :)?


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