11 August 2011

That's a LOT of Pink!

I apologize, clearly I have been too much out of the loop. While taking a walk today I decided to bring up the idea of a Fall Essentials Sew Along to Ali at Wardrobe, ReImagined. I even thought I would be so ambitious as to offer to host it if she was too busy.
Note image on the right hand side!
Apparently this has already been done. At least I can participate in it by sewing for my ALL TIME FAVORITE SEASON :)

Anyways, I've been spending all my time putting together costumes for Othello, which included making a wedding dress from t-shirts, which was nixed in the end. I had to take a break on Tuesday, however, for the promo photo shoot for Pinkalicious.


  1. Wow, you have knocked this show right out of the park! The costumes are spot on!! Pinkalicious is one of our many favourites and I'm so happy to see it reproduced so faithfully....even though pink isn't your thing :)

    We'll have a nicer FESA button up shortly. Glad you're on board!

  2. Great to see the costumes in action! They are fabulous!!

  3. Great costume! There's no such thing as too much pink! :)

  4. It's very fun to see the finished costumes after seeing the sketches. Yes, that's a lot of pink!

  5. The costumes look fabulous!! And it is so PINK :) I adore it - you did a great job!!!!


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