14 August 2011

SESA 2: The Conclusion

Before I could start a post about Fall Essentials Sew Along, I obviously needed to write this very overdue post.
So at the time, I thought I had sewn a lot of stuff. And I guess I did, but not as much as I has hoped (who does?) But technically it was 8 weeks worth of SW projects, so not too bad. I didn't stash-bust (2/7) as much as I had hoped, but I did find more affordable fabric options overall. I also tried a lot of new things: very silky fabric, knits, trims, menswear and pants!
Categories fulfilled: Clam diggers & co (1), Sundress (2), Tees Tunics and Blouses (3). Categories I Made Up: Menswear (1), Bags (1)
P.S. - I still have no photos of the shirt I made for my dad, be patient!

Simplicity 2418
 Really, the best dress a girl could ask for.

New Look 6895
I love it, but the neckline is WAY too low. As in, I could possibly be arrested for it. So, still working on it.

 Simplicity 2364
Love the pattern, don't love the colors of the fabric, but it was a stashbust, so oh well. 

Colette 0003
Another stashbust. The linen was too heavy in the end for the weather, but it will be nice in autumn.

Butterick 4022 (1974)
This I wear frequently, which is good because the fabric was a tad on the expensive side, for me. 

 Simplicity 2373
 Even though I don't wear them a lot, because they are hard to match to, they were a very good first pants pattern. All my hard work on the alterations will go towards some good basic pants for autumn.

Simplicity 2381
Absolutely the most useful item I have ever made. I use it every single day!


  1. Holy Schmoly that's a lot of sewing! Very impressed with all of them. You are just adorable!

  2. Gorgeous! You have been super productive!

  3. That does sound like a productive summer! I still like the low-necked ruffle top a lot. You could take a leaf out of my sister's or friend's book and either wear it with a lacy tank top underneath or wear a light scarf... :) That bag is also gorgeous!

  4. I ADORE your first dress. The fabric and the style are just completely stunning. I think the hooded dress is one of my absolute FAVORITE dresses ever! It just looks sooooo comfy.


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