14 July 2011

Pinkalicious Progress: Pink Stinks

As you know I am on semi-hiatus here during July. However, I have started doing renderings for "Pinkalicious" the musical. I have learned three things. 
1. Being someone who strongly dislikes pinks makes it very hard to buy pink fabric.
2. Most pink fabric that is not silk or cotton has a sort of grey dingy quality if you look closely.
3. Pink is THE HARDEST COLOR to represent truly in a drawing/painting.
As evidence, I present my pink fairy princess rendering:

This is highly photoshopped and will forever remain my least favorite rendering. I own two shades of pink paint and ONE pink colored pencil. None in the shade I needed. Therefore I tried to mix them and ended up with purply pinks, dingy peach pinks and fuschia. I even tried to use a pink highlighter but that was a huge mistake. I even couldn't get the silhouette quite right. It was supposed to look like this:
Plus this:
The other rendering I managed to finish was of Pinkalicious first outfit in the book.
This one is better, but still photoshopped because my scanner is broken. Therefore I had to photograph it and it was oddly dark at the top. I hope to make this out of one of those '90s maternity look sack dresses, if I can find one. When you actually need one, the thrift stores don't have any in stock.

The only other item of interest for today is I remembered my friend took this photo of me in my groovy 1970s pants that I sewed a few weeks ago. I am holding an invisible martini, by the way, because I am a classy 1970s society lady. Made from Simplicity 2373.


  1. OK, I'm loving your drawings! We love Pinkalicious here, so we're excited to see you post them. :)

    The pants? So awesome!!!

  2. Hehe, cool trousers! I totally understand you pink aversion...


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