29 June 2011

Simplicity 2011 Early Autumn Patterns

Or, what I will be buying during the next JoAnn Pattern sale, which is practically upon us!
Pretty much buying this for the cardigan pattern!
 I am curious to see how good the "petite" option on this is, especially with the different cup sizes.
I very much like the cowl neck/wrap bodice version of this, but I can't understand why it isn't made for knits. Boo.
I can't decide whether or not I like the velvet cardigan in the bottom view. Part of me thinks ooh, ren-fair and medieval-ness and the other part just questions my fashion inspiration completely.
Just in case there is ever a musical about bellydancers. There probably is and I just haven't yet heard of it.

The rest of these are not new patterns, but ones I need to stock up on for costuming purposes.
Hooray for Victorian and Steampunk! I love the first one, it is droolworthy.
I approve of anything pirate-y. It really is awesome that they are making more historic mens' costume patterns.
I really like these colonial patterns. I've got some bicentennial vintage ones, but they're either very complicated or much too simplified. Of course, there are about 50 other costume patterns that I really should pick up, but I think the limit is 10 per person!


  1. Oooh, love the Victorian/Steampunk ones! :) The Project Runway one also looks very lovely.

  2. 10 patterns per person, each time you go to the store. What I do sometimes is get 10, take them out to my car, go back and get 10 more. Then come back the next day and do it again. There was one time I went to Jo-anns for their pattern sale for three days in a row.

  3. bellydancing musical, you say? look no further than broadway's bombay dreams:

    sadly, gone now. i totally missed it.

    i love that PR pattern!

  4. I love the 1960's pattern. When is the sale?

  5. "I approve of anything pirate-y". Hilarious!

  6. Ummm...yes...so I had read your post before I went to Hancock Fabrics and they were having a Simplicity Sale...so I blame you for my buying three patterns I didn't need. Including that top one because it is awesome! Seriously cannot wait to make it and see your version :) Thanks for putting those ideas in my head!


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