07 June 2011

MMJ Day 7: Bon Giorno!

Went all the way to Rhode Island's own Little Italy (better known as Federal Hill) for today's photo. Dress: Simplicity 2360
Pros: It is sheer fabric, so it is good in hot weather, but it is also polyester, so it reaches a point where it is not so good in hot weather! Still super-flattering and comfortable, though, while still looking like something right out of a fashion magazine.
Cons: The polyester thing. Also, the shoulders are a tad too tall and wide, so there is slippage.


  1. Love this!!! Love your me-made-June posts!!!

  2. Love the fabric and the bodice style!

  3. you have been ROCKING memadejune.

    your dress is gorgeous-- i think the wide shoulders are a pro, makes for good off the shoulder sexiness!

  4. You look fabulous! You do look like a fashion magazine. What a fun dress :)


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