16 June 2011

A Little Addicted: Quilting Books and Romeo and Juliet

If you glance at my bookshelf, you'll find it is kind of hodge podge. If you're a sewist, you will probably skip right to that section, conveniently at shoulder level. Then you will probably notice that about half of my "sewing" books are actually quilting books! Gasp, the horror!
I actually don't quilt. At least not yet, and if you don't count the t-shirt quilts I have made. But there are definite plans to start. I have 5 quilting books so far, ironically all from around the 1970s when quilting re-emerged as a popular art form.
Left: amazon.com Right: And Sew It Goes blog
This is the first one I owned, and completely by accident. My mother found it one day and asked if I wanted it. It is THE best quilting book I own, mostly because it is a biography of the title group with patterns included on the side. It is a fantastic read about how they influenced the re-popularization of quilting. Of course, the one thing I really want to make from it is one of the several quilted skirt patterns.
 I acquired this one yesterday at Savers. It is mostly traditional quilts, with 77 projects in total. I picked it up mostly for the "unusual" quilting projects they put in the back.
Also bought at Savers yesterday was this hilarious novelty. You can make anything from a crazy quilt tie for your man (look out, Jason!) to a nap quilt shaped like a tree. This one is good if you like ugly, crazy 1970s ephemera.
These two I bought at separate times...anyone know if there are any more in the series? These are both good for crazy home decorating. Think bright multi-colored comforters, zoo-themed sleeping bags, butterfly appliques and a couple of traditional quilts as well.
On that note, I leave you with a clip from "Reefer Madness", possibly my favorite musical ever. Set in the 1930s, Jimmy Harper is helping his girlfriend Mary Lane how to read Shakespeare. Because when a guy wants to woo a girl, he needs the right language!

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